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May 22, 2004

Online Down Under

Website Updates

After the successful celebration of Constitution Day the 17th of May I started looking around for online galleries with pictures from the event here in Brisbane. During the search I came across several both old and new homepages for people currently studying here, so I decided to add them to my list of links of people Down Under. At the same time I decided to write a short review of each page which you find when you press "Read More"! Be advised that most of the pages are in Norwegian.

For somewhat obvious reasons I have only included pages belonging to people that have been studying in Brisbane during this semester. Some (like me) are going home in a month, but most of the people will still keep on surfing for a while :-)

  • Koalaplanet
    A very informative page for norwegians considering studying in Australia. Have not been updated much recently but most of the articles are still valid. This is also the personal homepage of Marius Askildsen.
    Homepage of Nils Dahl with lots of pictures and some very useful data and statistics in the menu. Not updated the last couple of months.
  • BrisbaneBoys
    The homepage of Rune and Tommy about their travels and doings in Australia and the Far East. Contains galleries and some other interesting material but there has been practically no updates since christmas. Has lots of tips for prospective Australia-students from Norway.
    Homepage of Eirik Fjellaksel. Cool design containing pictures and stories from his travels, amongst others alongs with Rune & Tommy. Currently down due to change of webhosting.
  • OppNed Postkort
    Homepage of Thomas Kjelsrud. Very cool section with virtual postcards, but rarely updated.
    Homepage of Ronny Samlanes. Some pictures and a contact-list with his friends, many of whom are down under. Has some good tips on studying in Australia for new students.
    Travelouge and gallery for Jostein, Thomas, Kjetil and Audun.
  • Syklubb (Old page)
    Multiblogg for a bunch of norwegian girls in Brisbane. No updates since just after christmas.
  • Susannes Area
    Susannes homepage with a weblog and a very large and often updated gallery.
  • Helene Skeie
    Homepage for Helene Skeie with a blog and a gallery.
  • ToveOnline
    Homepage and online portfolio for Tove with a large personal gallery.
  • Håvards Beach
    Very nice homepage for Håvard and Mirjam with a large gallery and good travel-stories.
    A personal gallery for Kristoffer Aashaug and Eirik Wang.
  • Krisaash @ Tihlde
    Another personal gallery from Kristoffer Aashaug.
  • Ztiano
    Homepage of Stian Johansen with a large gallery, weblog and travelouge.
  • E&K Down Under
    Erlend & Katzy's page about their life and travels while living in Brisbane.
  • Stians Verden
    Homepage for Stian Fauske, formerly of Has a weblog and a gallery.
    The soon-to-be homepage of Joakim Fiskvik, formerly of Contains a small gallery.
  • Agony Servebeer
    Gallery and weblog for Aage Øvereng, formerly of
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