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May 26, 2004

In the end we got chinese...

Brisbane Daily Life

Today me and Carina wanted to go eat at a resturant as it is two months since we met. Carina wanted to have indian food and had looked up the addresses of three indian resturants in the Fortitude Valley area, so we set off to find one of them. It took a bit of walking around, but after 45 minutes we had successfully verified that all three resturants no longer existed...
A Tibetian resturant we passed looked promising, but as we were starting to get really hungry we didn't care to walk all the way back to it and ended our search by going to the Golden Palace chinese resturant in Chinatown.
The food there was really great, and there were lots of it! We could easily have made due with a single dish of either the 'Duck in plum sauce' or 'Beef in Szechuan sauce' which we ordered, but since we had both we were *really* full when we left.

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