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June 3, 2004

Petals Around the Roses

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rose.gifI just found a game called Petals Around the Roses. As always I'm very intrigued by brain-teasers and challenges so I naturally had to keep trying until I solved it. Took me about 15 minutes but thats not important.
The game is simple, one person (the leader) that knows the rules of the game throws five dice. Anyone can then guess at the answer, before the answer is given to them by the person knowing the rules. Then the dice are thrown again, and the answer for the new dice throw provided.

The players (other than the leader) are only allowed to know 3 things:
1. That the name of the game is 'Petals Around the Roses'.
2. That the answer to any throw will always be zero or an even number.
3. The answer to any given throw of the dice.

The point of the game is then for the players to figure out the rules that determine the answer, and prove it by beeing able to guess the correct answer 6-8 times in a row. Once one has figured out the rules, one qualifies for membership in the Fraternity of Petals Around the Roses.
To try out the game without having to search for a leader, play this javascript version online. Remember not to tell anyone the answer if you figure it out, let them have the challenge to figure out for themselves. Also the page has a cool story about when Bill Gates was frist tried in the game.


Forgot to add "and the name is important" to #1 ;)

Posted by: Henrik at June 7, 2004 4:29 AM

No I did that on purpose. It makes it waay to easy if you know :)

Posted by: Telcontar at June 7, 2004 4:36 AM
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