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June 14, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

From my Point of View

Today Carina and me were downtown shopping and suddenly decided to stop by the cinemas to watch "The Day After Tomorrow". Despite its obvious flaws, like a thin plot and undeveloped characters I really enjoyed this movie. Especially because of its relevant theme about enviromental damage, global heating and polar melting and the effect they might have on our world in the future.

It's relevance is obvious, and for some people more than others. Just recently I read an article about the small island state of Tuvalu in the pacific, which stated "For Tuvalu, there is no day after tomorrow". The islands are slowly beeing flooded by the rising oceans, and are expected to disappear below the waves in just a few years time. The government have already made arrangements to move the population to a new permanent home on New Zealand, and everyone is just waiting for time to run out... these people will be the first permanent refugees of climate, and they will never be able to return to their homeland.

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