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June 17, 2004

Telstra -Amazingly bad Broadband

Brisbane Daily Life

Yesterday I called my ADSL provider to set up cancelletion of service for when I'm moving back home in two weeks. They confirmed that my currently paid period expires the 30th of June, and sent a message to Telstra to disconnect my ADSL at this date. This morning I woke up to find my internet connection dead, and after a few hours the dsl-link light on my modem turned dark.

Usually Telstra needs 10 days to connect a service, and according to WebAce they usually need about the same time to disconnect something. What I can't understand then, is how on earth they managed to disconnect me within hours of them opening this morning, especially since it weren't supposed to happen for another two weeks ?!?
I knew Telstra was bad, but I really had NO idea...

Of course this had to happen on just the day I need internet the most to test a web-proxy server I had to write for a Perl Assignment. So now I'm stuck with the even worse dial-up services from QUT, which doesn't even allow me to use MSN or check my e-mail twice without restarting the program. *sigh*

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