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June 22, 2004

Gold Class - Cinema with Style

From my Point of View

Last night Carina and me went to Indooroopilly Megaplex to see "Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkhaban" at Gold Class. Despite a hefty pricetag the experience was definitively worth it! Not to mention that the movie was quite entertaining as well. My judgement of the movie would be well on the good side with a 7/10 score.

Unfortunatly the night ended with me loosing my mobile phone somewhere on the way home. It might show up from the lost and found at the taxi-company, but I highly doubt that. For anyone who needs to know this means my australian number is now permamently unavailable, and I'm back to using my norwegian number. And while I'm at it, does anyone have suggestions for which new phone to get when I return to Norway?

For the uninitiated: Gold Class is a special luxury type cinema they have here in Australia at some select locations. The experience begins by entering a seperate lounge where you can eat and drink while the theatre is beeing readied. At the fully licenced bar you can also order drinks and snacks to be delivered to your table in the theatre at any time you wish during the movie.
The theatre itself is a full-size cinema which would normally seat about a hundred people, but at Gold Class only about 30 seats have been installed. The seats are arranged in pairs with a shared table for snacks and drinks, and with plenty of open space both to the sides and to the rows in front and behind. The chairs are a story by their own right. Large, luxurious StressLess chairs with a reclineable back and an extendable footrest. You probably wont find better chairs than these anywhere!
As the number of rows are less than usual, the height-difference between each row is larger than usual, removing any chance that the people in front of you may obstruct the view of the full-size wall-to-wall SenStadium-screen. Including a state of the art sound-system the experience is close to perfect and only a bad movie could ruin it ;-)

Regarding the movie I would have to agree a lot with Erik on the bad stuff. Too many birds and creatures flying around and beeing a bit annoying in too many of the scenes, and introducing time-travel is a bad plot-device when not relied on throughout the entire universe of the film, despite the nicely linear fashion they did it in. As in other fantasy films of late (read: Lord of the Rings) the film was a visual masterpiece, and was really enjoying to watch. Overall, I found the movie to be better than the first two Harry Potter films, but the story still is not convincingly strong for me to pick up the books and start reading.
Despite many good reviews from other people I still don't feel it can hold a candle to real hard-core fantasy (again read: Lord of the Rings). But despite this it does stand out as great entertainment, and I probably would have loved the series at age 14 :-)

One thing Erik didn't mention that I noticed in the movie, was the design of the guardians (or whatever) from Azkhaban. There is no doubt in my mind where the creators got inspiration as they were distubringly similar to the ring-wraiths of the Lord of the Rings, and they had even used some of the same visual effects to signify their prescence! It's fine that the image is something that is easliy identified as evil, but using such striking similarity to creatures from the father of modern Fantasy doesn't exactly make your work come across as original and exiting. Anyone can create a 'new' world by copying someone elses work (just look at all those people making role-playing-games!), but it takes something special to be truly original. And if a work doesn't have something new to make it stand out from the crowd, then one could just as well read the original stories and call it a day...


Eirik du liksom ;)

Posted by: Erik at June 23, 2004 4:08 AM

Hi I am doing a project of Gold class cinama. Can u pls sent me some informations like
Price of a ticket.
If the price is high. Why?
What are its unique features?
Thank u

Posted by: Roshini at July 20, 2004 2:01 PM
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