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June 24, 2004

YaY! I found it!

Brisbane Daily Life

After getting increasingly frustrated and started looking into if there is any of my insurances that would cover the loss of my cellphone, my mother told me the phone had been answered by a man when she tried calling me a bit earlier. I had tried calling my phone a couple of times before without getting an answer, which was to be expected as it was set to silent after having been to the movies, but after hearing this news I immediatly tried calling my phone, and the taxi-driver answered!

It turned out that the phone had fallen out of my pocket in the taxi we took home from the movies, and he had just found it while cleaning his car. He wanted to give it back, but didn't know how and was worried that the battery might run out before he got in touch with me. Luckily it didn't, so I paid the taxi-fare for him to drive the phone to me here at Cathedral. $16 AUD is a small price to pay to get a $500 phone returned, and it saved me a lot of trouble and paperwork. Thank you very much unknown taxi-driver!

This means that my Australian number is active again, but only until the 1st of July when I leave the country for good. Just one exam left now!

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