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July 21, 2004

Early end of summer-holidays

Study all Day

It was wonderful to finally get back home to Harstad. I spent a week just slacking around, meeting a couple of friends and playing around with my old 386-computer, installing a soundcard and a large harddrive in it to make it an awesome retro game-station. Oh the memories! :-)

Then Carina came to visit last wednesday, and the rest of the week went by like a dream! All we did was driving around to show her the city, have good dinners with my family and cuddling up together to watch movies. I could have been doing that forever... but that is all the rest I got, for on Sunday Carina went back to visit her parents, and I drove to Narvik to start a summercourse in Advanced Calculus.

I need the course in order to get accepted at Master of Engineering studies in Norway. It is an intensive 3 week course, so we got straight down to business at 8:15 on monday morning. This is going to be hell as math is my worst subject ever. It's only been three days into the course, and I already feel like I'm falling behind. But as I really want my Masters I'll just have to hang in there. At least this is the last mathematics class I'll ever have to take! At least it's finally bed-time now, but tomorrow morning it is back to the books... *sigh*

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