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August 7, 2004

Mathematics, strawberries and the flu

Study all Day

strawberries.jpgThe last three weeks have been extremely busy and exhausting. Many hours of studying engineering mathematics intensively every day is not exactly my idea of fun, and on top of it all I caught a nasty flu which put me in bed through all of last week. At least I can finally spot a light in the end of the tunnel with the final exam coming up this wednesday. That'll give me a few days of rest before I need to intensify my search for an apartment in Trondheim and move down there to start working on my Masters degree.
Thankfully the later days haven't been all bad, with temperatures peaking around 25°C and several afternoons spent swimming in almost 20°C warm water in the sea and in lakes. Also strawberries are just coming into season here so there has been plenty of sweet home-grown strawberries to go around, freshly picked with cream and sugar. Yummey! :)

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