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August 22, 2004

Moving around, and back again.

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Our apartment block at Bergheim AmfiStudying hard mixed with some relaxation at the movies hopefully paid off, as I'm confident that I'll pass the mathematics exam this time. A short lunchbreak after the exam was all the time I took before going home to Harstad once again.

Because I've been away for a year and this course kept me extremely busy just now that I got back there are plenty of people I hadn't been able to meet yet, so I set course for Andenes to visit Rikke and her husband for a day before I had to start packing for Trondheim. I've never been out at Andøya before so while it was shot it was still an interesting trip outside the delight of hanging out with old friends. A day well spent, but there was no rest to be had as I had to return home and pack up all the things I needed to bring with me for the move south. I got it all packed up in time and all of last sunday was spent driving the 900 kilometers from Harstad to Trondheim.

Upon arrival I crashed at Alexanders place for a night until Realf could get back into town and hand me the keys to my new place, a room in his spacious apartment at Bergheim. It's a bit expensive but a really really nice place to live. The last week has been spent getting everything in order, inlcuding buying a new bed, desk, shelves and a chair, getting my student-loan money for this semester and signing up for the classes I'll be taking. In between I've even had some time to talk with Carina who is back in Australia, and to meet up with some of the friends I have that are still studying in Trondheim. Judging from the going so far I think I'm really going to enjoy myself as a student in Trondheim this time around as well :-)

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