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September 12, 2004

Getting back on with my life

Living in Trondheim

kransekake.jpgOver the weeks since I moved to Trondheim I have worked to get my place in order, assembling furniture and tidying up, and I have signed up for and started following lectures for the the courses I'm required to complete this semster. I have now been officially acccepted at the Master of Technology studies in Telematics and I have joined the IT-group of Start NTNU, a student run interest-group working to improve knowledge and interest in innovation among students and staff at the university. Hopefully this will be very educationaly and interesting as well as a lot of fun, and Start has even landed me a job already(!), as cameracrew for a innovation seminar to be held in Trondheim shortly.

As all the pieces are falling into place I'm finding back to the way of life I used to have in Trondheim, by hanging out with friends throughout the week, going to the occasional party on in the weekends and playing games at LoS every sunday. In between my studies there will be plenty of meetings and events required by my position in Start, just like I had with my former positions in ISFiT, Tihlde and LoS. Hopefully there will be some new things to experience as well as I would like to participate in several LARP's and I'm planning on joining one of the local scubadiving-clubs for some underwater adventures.

The last couple of weekends has been spent with beer in hand, two weeks ago along with Henrik, Alexander, Majken and several other old friends at Mikrobryggeriet. Last friday there was a housewarming party with the Start-crowd which moved over to Rio after a while, and last saturday I threw my own housewarming-party at my place with plenty of friends and drinks...!
This weekend was my mothers 50th birthday, so I'm currently at my parents house in Harstad where we have celebrated with family and friends for 3 days to and end. As a result I'm gettting to be a bit sick of cake at the moment, but hopefully that will pass :-)

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