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September 17, 2004

My box is here!

Living in Trondheim

dgntnui.gifAs I had way too much stuff with me to Australia, and had even more stuff with me going back, I couldn't fit it all in my travel luggage so I had to fill up a big box with the rest. I wouldn't want a recurrance of what happened when I brought the box to Australia, so to make it as cheap as possible I left it at Carina's so she could have Jetta ship it to me upon her return to Brisbane. I still had to go the airport to pick it up when it arrived in Trondheim last night, but all the customs clearance and such where completed without me needing to be present, so I just paid 354 NOK in fees and got my box! Thank you for sending it love! <3

The box itself is quite well traveled now. It is one of the cardboard boxes my mother used when she moved to Germany to study back in the seventies, and has been used for moving around a lot since then. It is almost getting to be a family heirloom! Saying it is a cardboad box however, might be a small exaggregation as by now it mostly consists of a thick layer of various kinds of packing tape. The contents of the box this time around was some books, clothing, magazines and pictures, as well as my rollerblades and all my diving-gear. Having the latter back means that I can finally start diving again, so last night I dropped by the weekly thursdaymeeting of NTNU-I's diving group. They seemed like a really fun crowd, so once I sign up for and complete a Drysuit-course I'll be ready to jump in the water with them every sunday :-)

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