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September 19, 2004

Start Forum

Living in Trondheim

startntnu.jpgThis weekend the annual Start Forum was held. It is a national gathering of all the Start-groups at the various educational institutions in Norway.
The most important sessions held were probably the General Assembly for Start Norway and the national finale and award-ceremony in VentureCup, but there was plenty of other things going on as well!

A lecture on presentation-techniques by Carsten O. Five marked the beginning of the weekends program on thursday. Then most of friday was spent on the national finale and awards ceremony of VentureCup 2004. Two of the participants are members of Start NTNU, and they ended up with a third-prize, as well as Tekna's Innovation Prize, a total of 125.000 NOK of prize-money to develop their product and commercialize it!
The former coach of Norway's soccer-team then had a a seminar on teambuilding, after which there was food and beer to be had. The night was ended at the "Make-out-party" at Trondheim's student society.

On saturday several panel-debates about the past and future of Start, as well as a lecture on creating a business start-up were held by some of the companies at the university incubator: Innovasjonssenter Gløshaugen.
Then it was time for the weekends main session, the General Assembly for Start Norway. As most such meetings it took longer than expected, so the gala dinner that were to be held at Singsaker Studenterhjem afterwards was slightly delayed, but what a dinner it was when it finally got started! Cheering all around, with speeches, plenty of wine and good food. After the dinner there was mingling and drinks in the Bodega at Singsaker, with an imported spanish DJ playing salsa-tunes and showing us the moves. Plenty of fun :-)

Sunday morning had more panel-debates in store, and a guided tour of the cathedral in Trondheim, Nidarosdomen, before we had to say goodbye to our newfound friends from the Start-groups at other schools and universities in Norway.

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