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September 28, 2004

Driving for hours and hours and ...

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While I was in Australia my sister took lots of my stuff with her to Bergen where she has started studying economics. Also she just turned 20 (Happy B-day!) and were to have a party this weekend, so I took the oppourtunity to drive down there and pick up all my things, join in on the party, and visit some friends I haven' seen in a long time.

Getting to Bergen is a story by itself. Firstly my maps where outdated, secondly the quickest route passes through a private road which is not even on the map, and thirdly I didn't read the maps properly, so I ended up taking lots of wrong turns and drove loong uneccesary detours. In total it took almost 13 hours of driving to get there, and naturally I was really exausted when I finally arrived. Going back I picked a more suitable route in advance, so it took me just below 10 hours to return to Trondheim. It's still a long drive, and one I'm not going to repeat for a long long time... going to Harstad every summer is more than enough driving for me.

In Bergen, it rained. All weekend. No surprise to people who know the city, as it is infamous for it's near continuous rainfall, especially during autumn. I hadn't really expected anything less, as it's been raining constantly for the last couple of weeks in Trondheim as well. I guess it's an autumn thing.

The party was fun, but it was very strange to be back in Bergen again. The last time was four years ago when I was doing military service in the Coastal Artillery, and now I was out roaming those same streets again with a friend I met in the military. It's wierd but nice to return to such familiar places. I guess it will be equally strange when I return to Brisbane someday many years from now. Oh the memories...

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