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February 6, 2005

Finally at Lerkendal!

Living in Trondheim

After beeing on SiT's waiting list for almost 2 years, it was finally my turn to get a unit at Lerkendal Student Village!
About 2 weeks ago I got the message that I could start moving in on Friday the 4th of March. With a lot of help from Henrik and my girlfriend Carina I got all my stuff packed together and transported down here during thursday and friday, and after we got most of our stuff unpacked yesterday it started to feel like home. It's been a good weekend :-)

The place is nothing like Realf's 100sqM luxury apartment that I lived in at Bergheim until now, but it's a lot more cozy and heaps better situated. It's just a 3 minute walk to the closest grocery-store, only 5 minutes from my university campus, and a good 15 minutes to get downtown. I don't have a garage to park my car in anymore, but as I will be walking a lot more I don't need my car that much. Also I now have a 100Mbit internet-connection and a good deal more space in my bedroom. My room here is about 12sqM and it is part of a 48sqM unit where I share a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with one other person who also has a 12sqM room. In total I think I'm really gonna like it here, despite the lack of a large living room and the amazing 10th floor view I had with Realf...

As I've moved it means that my address have changed.
Please direct any postal mail for me to the following adress:
Svein-Magnus Sørensen
Lars Onsagers vei 10 - 21A
N-7030 Trondheim

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