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February 14, 2005

Strategic planning in Åre

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This weekend it was time for the biannual Strategic planning weekend for Start NTNU, and this time the location was Åre, the largest alpine ski-resort in Sweden.

It's tradition for Start NTNU to have these gatherings just after new members have been accepted so that they can quickly get to know everybody and feel like part of the team. Also we do a lot of important planning regarding our organization and activity for the next semester as it is a lot easier and more efficient to do it when everybody is focused on the task and together in one place.

We were staying at Undersåkers Semesterby in the middle of the woods about 12km past Åre-city. It's a 3 hour bustrip to get there from Trondheim, so we only arrived late friday night. We also got further delayed as the busdriver beeing afraid of slippery slopes didn't want to drive all the way up the steep hills to the cabins, but after a brisk walk we finally got there and could start cooking dinner and drinking some beer, getting to know the new people.

As we had a lot to get done we gathered early on Saturday morning to start organizing and planning. Only interrupted by lunch we were at it all day, getting a lot of important business out of the way. When we were all done everybody went outside to have 'Winter Games', with teams competing in various tasks and sports. Lots of fun and good excercise, and afterwards we all went in to have dinner and socialize throughout the night.
Synnøve and me, who are both into scubadiving, introduced the others to the drinkingcard-game of 'Rose', a very common game among Norwegian scubadivers, and we had lots of fun with Poker and Blackjack as well.

Sunday morning was our last day in Sweden, so we had to get up early to pack and clean the cabins before leaving for Åre to hit the slopes. A few people took the train back to Trondheim while the rest of us got geared up with snowboards or ski's to enjoy a full day on the amazing Swedish mountains. As Åre is the largest ski-resort in Sweden they have 40 lifts and more than a hundred prepared slopes in addition to lots of off-pist possibilities, so here you can find fun skiing for all levels of training.
The fog was thick as soup down in the valley, but when we got to the highest peaks the sky was blue and the sun was shining on beautiful day!
And this day I've been looking forward to for almost two years as I haven't had a chance to snowboard since the winter before I left for Australia, and it was perfect! I even brought my camcorder so I might eventually edit together a short ski-movie with some good jumps and spectacular falls by my friends in Start :-)

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