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March 13, 2005

Snowboarding @ Geilo

The Travel Channel

With my life beeing less than eventful lately I found it a great relief that my planned trip to Geilo was due this week. My mother attends an annual conference at Dr.Holms hotel at Geilo, and usually invites me and my sister to come along and stay with her so we can hit the slopes while she is attending lectures. I travelled on the night-train from Trondheim Monday night, which gave me most of Tuesday plus all of Wednesday and Thursday at Geilo before returning and arriving back in Trondheim at 7a.m Friday morning. Plenty of time for some great days out in the slopes with my Snowboard. The feeling of sliding down a mountainside on the steel edges of a board with the cold crisp air rushing by is just exhilarating! You've just got to try it for yourself!

If you only want to ski and relax then Dr.Holms is the perfect choice for you. It is not a place where you will find plenty of after-ski or late-night parties, although they do have plent of bars the atmosphere there is usually very relaxed. I find it to be a pretty good ski-resort with a great selection of slopes and lifts, and in addition the food served is absolutely top notch so if I were staying more than a few days there I believe I would find myself unable to go skiiing after the large 5-star meals with heaps of desserts both for breakfast and lunch. Perfect for those who like to enjoy life :-)

After getting back to Trondheim on friday I had a job-interview later that morning, after which I was selected for round 2 of interviewing as well, so we'll see how I fare next week! Wish me luck!
Then yesterday was a combined birthdayparty for Morten and Kristinan from Start NTNU, and while the party itself wasn't anything special they had all of us on the guestlist for Singsaker Studenterhjem, the place for some of the best parties in the city! This weekend was the 'Superweekend' so plenty of people was dressed up like various kinds of superheroes and such. Great stuff and plenty of fun, even though it didn't quite reach up to the standard set by the NorSK Celebrity Party in Brisbane I had a great time all night long!

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