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March 19, 2005

New website and design

Website Updates

I have now created and published an all new website for the domain. I thought this blog was a bit to personal to be the first thing potential employers found on my site, so I've made one with a lot more professional information about myself. This blog will still be updated at, and the entries from my year abroad will still be found at

I will also finish a new design for my blog shortly, so expect it to be published just after easter! I'm going home tomorrow to spend a week at our cabin with my family, where we'll go cross-country-skiing and just relax. No internet, no computers, no cable-tv or fancy stereosystems. Just us and mother nature, and the basic necessities to avoid beeing uncomfortable.
But tonight it is Alexanders birthday, so there'll be lots of fun and party! Hopefully I'll be able get up tomorrow morning so I don't miss my flight. :-)

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