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April 16, 2005

Carina is back!

Living in Trondheim

Which of course is the reason I haven't been updating this page a lot lately, and that new design is still in the works. I was planning a winter-design this time around, but at this rate it appears that it will be outdated even before I can publish it. Maybe I'll have to think of something else...

Well, read on to get the recap of my life since the last update here!

Easter this year was uneventful. I spent it all at home up north, half at our familys cabin in Gratangen and half at home in Harstad where I got to spend some time with my friends; Tom-Inge & Vivian and Vegard & Harriet.
On the first day at our cabin we went cross-country-skiing, and unfortunatly my skiing-shoes tore apart just when we were returning from the trip, leaving me unable to ski anymore until I buy a new pair. I didn't really mind as the weather wasn't all that good and staying back at the cabin eating marzipan and reading comics is more my cup of tea anyways.

Then just after easter I returned to Trondheim and only had a couple of days by myself before I was back at the airport greeting Carina welcome to Norway! (for good this time!)
And now, with my time split between spending time with Carina, going to uni-classes, doing assignments and working with Start NTNU, I really haven't got much left for updating my webpage anymore. Not that there is lots of interesting stuff happening in my life anyways... Ok, well maybe a few interesting things then, at least to me.
There has been a couple of good parties with people from Start, and Carina's birthday party here at my place was just awesome! Also the weather in Trondheim have been really good since easter with heaps of sun and around 10°C most days, so two weeks ago we had this years first outdoors dinner with BBQ and beer!
Good times I say :-)

Oh and btw I did get that job I was interviewed for just before easter, so I'll be starting as a computer salesman at Lefdal Elektromarket tomorrow! And man it is going to be just GREAT to have some extra dough to burn on stuff and travels this summer.. and if I only manage to complete my assignments and pass all of my exams then this has been a pretty good spring!

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