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May 17, 2005

Hooray for Norway!

Living in Trondheim

norwegian_flag.jpgToday is the Constitution Day of Norway, widely celebrated around the world. No actually it is, but mostly only by Norwegians living abroad, like I did last year when the day was spent in Brisbane.
This year we celebrated in a more traditional student-fashion, by just relaxing at home after the greatest party-day of the year, the night of May 16th! Carina and me had a vorspiel with a small group of our friends over at my place first, plenty of fun with music, wine and beer. We had originally planned a large outdoor BBQ-party, but with 4°C and light rain we decided to cancel and stay indoors. As the midnight hour drew close we packed up and went downtown to party on at Rio, the best latino-club in Trondheim. It was completely packed with people everywhere downtown and as expected it was great fun and we stayed until closing time, and today I have enjoyed myself richly by just beeing lazy. I even bought myself a full liter of strawberry-jelly with vanilla-custard to munch on! YuM! :-)

I've been too lazy and busy to blog a lot lately, same old story I know, so here is one of those familiar flashbacks of the month that has passed. Not that I think anyone even cares if I write or not, but at least I have it written down for posterity when I might begin to wonder what I was during all my years of studying...

What I remember most clearly from the month that has passed is a very dreaded assignment. In the course TTM4115 Engineering Distributed real Time Systems we were required to design a complete and functioning telecommunications-system using SDL with the SDL Design Tool. Beeing unaware of the workload required we got started on the project a bit late, but after many late nights of working and plenty of swearing over the bad implementation of the SDT, we managed to complete the system and have it approved, and now I'm just closing in on the pre-exam panic as starting next week I have 5 of them in a row...

But despite this, a month is never complete without a couple or more parties, so while Carina went home to celebrate the christian confirmation of her cousin Lars the last weekend of April, I went to Moholt with Henrik to check out this years X-Russefest, which is a party where students dress up in their old coloured high-school graduation coveralls and party like there is no tomorrow, just like we did all of May when we graduated for real a number of years ago! (Go to Wikipediato read more about the Norwegian graduation-rituals)

In Start NTNU we have had our biannual General Assembly, where I got elected to the position of Chief Information Officer with a place on the Board of Directors. It will be lots of fun and a great challenge to hold a non-technical position in an organization as active as Start, but I think I'll do just fine. However that will have to wait for next semester for from now on and through the next couple of weeks I won't do anything but tedious cramming and studying for my exams, so don't expect more frequent updating anytime soon. I might however write a bit later this summer for in June, just after I complete my last exam, Carina and I are going to move into an apartment here at Lerkendal, just before we head southwards to spend a week in romantic Rome together!

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