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June 11, 2005

Summer in a new apartment!

Living in Trondheim

Finally I'm all done with this semesters' exams! After a couple of weeks of intensive studying I think I've handled most of my exams quite well, and not before had I closed the books on my last one before I had to start packing up my stuff and moving it about 150 meters over to mine and Carinas new apartment!

It's just past midnight and we've finally gotten everything moved over, and started unpacking at our new place, which btw. looks awesome! A lot better than a cramped dorm-room at least...! It's about 48m² and will set us back about 6000 NOK a month in total, including utilities and 10Mbit LAN university-internet access. It is still at Lerkendal Student-village and as such just a stonethrow away from my University-Campus, and not too far away from downtown either.

And then, just after we finish unpacking, we will be driving south towards Oslo on Monday, getting some stuff from Carinas place and then taking a planeride to a long overdue vacation to romantic Rome, Italy :-)
But first, it's bedtime!

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