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August 6, 2005

Another summer gone by

Living in Trondheim

Woops. It seems like the entire summer has passed by me and I haven't even had the time to blog once! Not that there has been a lot to write about since we got back from Rome anyways, as I've mostly only been working close to full-time and just relaxing in our apartment on my few days off. Few of the things on my ToDo list for the summer has been achieved as well, but stuff like editing video from Australia and sorting mp3's isn't really time-critical to get done so I'll just put it off until next summer or something :-)

Actually I haven't been working *all* the time. In mid July I had a week off and used it to go up north and see my family again. I'd liked to have stayed longer but at least I had a full program, getting to see and help out with our new boat and summerhouse at Risvær, and visiting lots of friends in both Harstad and Narvik. Due to my parents silver-wedding anniversary (30 years) my grandparents from Tromsø were also visiting for a small celebration, and it was really nice to get to see them too.

Other than this there has only been a couple of parties, one house-warming party at a co-workers place, and another at our place with Synnøve as she was visiting Trondheim for a weekend. Another of my co-workers also work part-time at the club Tiger-Tiger downtown, so we had guest-list entrance there at both occations and had a good time both there and around town.
With everyone taking weeks off from work at summer we have also been visited for a few days by Carina's sister first, and later by more of her family as they were passing through Trondheim on their way north to Sigerfjord. Also next week my family is driving south to visit us and Carina's father is making a short apperance as well, so as you can see it's been quite the hectic schedule this summer.

Not that hectic is a bad thing of course, as seeing friends and family is always nice. Also at work I've been ranked first in sales of insurance and financing in July among some 120 other sales consultants in electrical goods in Trondheim, which is quite good as I've only been working there for about 3 months, so currently I really don't mind beeing hectic at all :-)

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