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August 30, 2005

An amazing meal!

Living in Trondheim

Carina and I have been eating quite a lot of indian and thai-food since we moved in together, mixed in with the occasional norwegian dish of course.
For the occation of us having been together for 1 year and 4 months this sunday, we decided to make a meal that was a bit out of the ordinary. This meant getting some real steak or beef instead of the chicken and pork we usually have, so after searching for some ideas on what to make we decided to go with the Beef and Cashewnuts. It was the perfect blend of the south-pacific without beeing spicy and still having a homely feel. In addition to the exotic fruitsalad and potatochips specified in the recipie we made a cold-stirred Peppergravy from Toro, some fried onions and sugarglaced broccoli, just because we like those a lot.
All in all it tasted absolutely wonderful! The fruit-salad was a bit tame, but everything was so different from what we usually eat, especially the cold-stirred pepper gravy, so the meal tasted perfectly to balance out our regular dinners. We absolutely got to have it again! ... in a while of course, we mustn't ruin it by having it too often :-)

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