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September 30, 2005

Autumn passed by

Living in Trondheim

And just like that, we're done with September and autumn is almost over. Like this summer I haven't had much time to blog now either... Maybe it has something to do with having a girlfriend? Seems like lots of couples slowly fade away from an active online existence after they move in together, but that's just life I guess.

So what's new since last time. Hmm. Well I've been working a lot. Way more than I should have, but when there's a shortage of manpower one has to step up from time to time, and the extra money isn't exactly a deterrent either. But in a week or two I'll have to step it down, because now I have to start putting some real work into my specialization project. Since it's my final year of study I am doing a research report on mobile absentee marking for Telenor Research and the Department of Telematics at NTNU. It is sort of an introduction to my masters thesis next semester. I have decided to call the system I am creating for 'Urd' - after one of the godesses of faith from the nordic mythology. Seems fitting as the system can potentially help people plan and organize their lives better, just like the goddesses are spinning the web of life and deciding the fate of everyone and everything through it.

Also I'm still putting lots of time into Start NTNU, now as a Chief Information Officer at the Board of Directors. With the bi-annual acceptance of new members we have now had the usual strategic-planning weekend to decided where the organization is going and how we should be getting there. This time we went to a wilderness camp in Meråker, about 2 hours of driving north of Trondheim. In addition to the planning-stuff and usualy festivities we got served real viking-food, and on the last day we went on a forest hike to a place where everyone got to try out rappelling down a vertical cliffside. Very cool stuff!
The weekend after was also dedicated to Start as Start Forum was beeing held in Oslo. This is the annual gathering of all the local chapters of Start from a range of colleges and universities from all over the country. As usual it started out with the prize ceremony of Venture Cup Norway, a national business plan competition were several of the honoured teams included some Start-members, however the 1st place this year was awarded to a startup completely independent of us. After the celebrations of the successful competition had ended on saturday we had several workshops before the general assembly of Start Norway started in the afternoon. Like last year there were some delays, but by postponing some of the less important matters until sunday we got through everything just in time for the traditional black-tie dinner-event. While I didn't have as much fun this year as I did at last years event, meeting many of the cool people from last year again totally made my weekend, and I'm really looking forward to going to Stavanger next year!

But then, beside the above-mentioned things I have had a quite eventless life this fall. Of course we have seen the occasional movie in the theaters (Batman Begins, Charlie&Chocolate Factory, Madagaskar, Elsk meg i Morgen), and we did attend a party with Carina's friend Solveig at her boyfriends place, but all in all we've spent most of our time at home. One other thing that bears mention however is that strangely enough I bumped into Karianne at the party mentioned. She was best friends with my former roomie Benedicte and when I was Down Under, and was living with us at the apartment complex Cathedral Place in Brisbane, Australia. Small world isn't it?

I guess that is all for today, but I'll be back with more soon because next week I'm due to attend several courses from Elkjøp Academy so then I will hopefully get something to write about :-)

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