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October 14, 2005

Elkj°p Academy

Study all Day

My current employer Lefdal Elektromarket is a member of the multinational Elkj°p group and as such all of us working there has the oppourtunity to attend various courses and conferences organized by the main organization. Since the Elkj°p-group is quite a large corporation they have a seperate brand for all such activities called the Elkj°p Academy.

Through this program a collegue and me was sent to the Clarion Hotel Gardemoen last week for a 3-day all-expenses-paid course in sales training and Elkj°p-store guidelines. This was one of the first-level courses available and we got a thorough introduction to the Elkj°p way of doing things and the reasons behind them, as well as a briefing on our primary products. Hopefully this will help us do a better job in the store when we get home, and it enables us to attend more advanced classes later on. Evenings after classes were spent in the hotel water-park and by the hotel-bar getting to know everyone, and on the final night there was a black-tie dinner with self-made entertainment. My group made the best song and won a bottle of champagne for it :-)

Just a few days after my return from my first course I got a chance to pack my bags again this sunday, but now along with most of my coworkers. It was time for the annual EL-BIT exhibition at Lillestr°m Convention Hall, a scaled-down version of the more famous CeBIT in Germany for Elkj°p-group employees only. With lots of seminars by the various technology companies and plenty of time in the exhibition-hall to walk around and talk to representatives we got plenty of insight into what technology is hot and which gadgets are coming over the next couple of months. This was very interesting and will probably come in very handy at work. But it wasn't all talk and lectures because the Elkj°p-mantra also includes a part about having fun, so naturally there were some 'extra-curricular' activities here as well, like movies (StarWars3, SinCity) and a black-tie event, this time with professional entertainment! Also there was competitions, amongst them a questionaire with product-details from each of the companies present from which I won a 1500NOK All-In-One printer! In retrospect I got a lot out of the days at my employers expense, but I believe it was a good investment as I picked up lots of new details about many of the things we are selling that I can put to good use on the job.
But unfortunatly there won't be many sales done by me as I have to focus on my university specialization project for now, but I'll put in a few days now and then to keep the skills sharpened for the Christmas-rush when all my other engagements for the semester is completed. Perhaps I'll manage to top even more sales rankings then than I did in July and August now that I have this extra education on my belt :-)

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