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November 22, 2005

BedEx '05

The Travel Channel

Just before last weekend, me and a group of 60 other students of communications technology and computer science went to Oslo with Abakus, our student socitety, to visit a group of companies that are interested in hiring us when we graduate.

It was early up at 4a.m to catch the plane down, so there were quite a few tired faces to see before we left. Our first visit was with Steria in Postgirobygget, the tallest building in Oslo. After a sleepy lecture here we got served some lunch before we went on to CapGemini for more of the same, but here we got tapas and a goodiebag with information on the company and a bottle of wine each when we left! Lovely :-)
Short program so far, but from getting up so early we weren't really capable of anything else, so we just went to Cochs Pensjonat and checked into our rooms for a nap and some freshening up before dinner. Dinner was back at Steria in their offices at the 23rd floor. Great view and even better indian food from their resident chef, and there was free beer too. Definitively a place I would enjoy to work!

After beeing out late the night before, we were if possible even more tired than the previous morning, but we had a lecture to got to at the officies of FAST Search and Transfer. Here we got a demonstration of their new technolgies and there were more tapas to be had for lunch. From here we walked down to Bekk at Shack 29 at Vippetangen. Their company-presentation is probably the best I've ever been too, which is starting to be a lot, and here too there was food to be had afterwards. It appears to be a trend :-)
Then we had some hours off for shopping and hanging out in Oslo, and afterwards we met up at Christiania Cafè Resturant Bar for an excellent steak-dinner at the expense of FAST and Siemens, which we finished up by having beers and hot chocolate at their rooftop terrace in the middle of Oslo before getting on the night-bus back to Trondheim. This was an absolutely great trip, and I know that the businesses we visited got a bunch of work-applications afterwards!

In addition I would like to thank the organizers and travel-guides from Abakus who made this trip a reality! I hope you get the chance to hold a lot more of these :-)

Read more about this trip on page 3 in ReadMe, the monthly newspaper for Abakus-students in Trondheim.

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