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January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!

Living in Trondheim

Since the completion of my specialization project I have been working more than full time at Lefdal Elektromarket almost every day the past month, except a short 5 day trip to Harstad to visit my family for Christmas before returning to Trondheim for more work and the new years celebrations with Carina.

Spending many long days at work isn't where I'd most rather be, but at least it has been fun to have plenty of customers most of the time, and I make good money as well which will come in quite handy since I'm going to San Francisco this summer.

Christmas this year was mostly like it is every year; a good tradition with decoration of christmas trees, gingerbread-cookies, homemade marzipan (best one I ever made!), the traditional rice porridge (I got the almond), our rich christmas buffet, and the customary dinner with pork ribs and lamb ribs, sausages, potatoes and mashed swedes. Last but not least we had the christmas dessert with cloudberry-cream and various cakes, as well as the ever anticipated opening of the christmas gifts!
For me this year brought the customary selection of clothing and underwear, some books, music, candy and kitchenware. In addition I got a bit of money and some family heirlooms; a family wax-seal from my great-grandfather and a necklace and a pair of silver-cufflinks from my grandfather.

New Years this year was the most relaxed one ever. Since both Carina and I has been working full time every day, including New Years Eve, we just stayed at home to relax, and made ourselves a good turkey-dinner with an expensive wine. Around midnight we walked over to the nearby University campus to watch the city's official fireworks from the 16th century Kristiansten fortress located on a hill above the city of Trondheim.
But with all the work I have been doing lately the time has finally come for a decent vacation, so in a couple of days me and Carina are leaving to spend a week in Maspalomas on Gran Canaria, Spain!

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