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March 25, 2006

Another month of work and study

Living in Trondheim

Wow, time really flies! Suddenly it is a month since the last time I posted to my blog, and I'm struggling to remember what I have been doing lately.
I know I've been to work quite a few times, and I've been writing a good deal on my masters thesis too.

Carina went to Egersund the 2nd-6th of March, so I had the apartment for myself and took advantage of the loneliness to wath a bunch of movies. Also there was the biannual flat-party on saturday at Terje's place, which is a real bachelors pad with karaoke, poker, video-projector, smoke-machine, mirror-ball, a wheel of fortune and a fully stocked private bar. Gotta love that place :-) The party was lively and while I lost Terjes stake in the Texas Hold'em game both of us had a great time and the wheel gave me a few free beers!

In other news Carina has gone into shopping-mode after a few sales at Bella Donna, so there is a ton of new jewlery and other stuff lying around here. At least the shopping means we get plenty of excercise from the long walks downtown in addition to playing squash regularly and working out at the re-opened gym at Gløshaugen.

On wednesday the 15th I attended Start NTNU's event Mixer, a networking event for entrepreneurial people in Trondheim. There was also the prize ceremony for Venture Cup Trøndelag phase 1, where my group actually was one of 6 nominees out of a total 65 participating groups!
And on thursday I flew down to Oslo in the morning to be interviewed for a job with Computas, and I think I did quite well. Afterwards I took the opportunity to meet Fredrikke and do some catching up over italian ice-cream since I haven't seen her in ages. Later I also met up with Marte, and we had a BIT baguette and an awesome Viennese Hot-Chocolate with cinnamon each at TGI Fridays before my flight back to Trondheim the same evening.
But the fun will have no end and on the following weekend Carina and I went to a party with Carina's friend Solveig for another night out, ending up with drinks and dancing at Blæst. Insert yet another week of working and writing, including a stop by the dentist to have a wisdom-tooth removed, and then today Solveig came over to our place for a Tapas dinner with real spanish Sangria and the works. All the good stuff homemade by Carina! Yummey :-)

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