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April 4, 2006

Gathering with Gründerskolen

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Last weekend I went back to Oslo again, this time driving with Carina to move lots of her stuff back to Lier. The reason for the trip was an interview at the american embassy to get my student visa as well as a weekend gathering with all of the students going to Gründerskolen (Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship) this year. The interview was scheduled on thursday morning, so Carina and I drove down from Trondheim early on wednesday the 29th of March.

When we left I still had a bit of the flu since eating at Szechuan, so to prevent my allergy to cats from making me worse, and since I had to meet up at the embassy early thursday morning, I spent the nights from wednesday to friday at Marlenes place in Oslo and only stopped shortly in Lier to unload the car and have dinner. In addtition I haven't seen Marlene since we were in Australia together two years ago, so it was nice to finally get a chance to catch up again too.

After crashing with Marlene the first night I got up early and took a taxi over to the American embassy, where the next two hours were spent waiting in one line after the other, luckily ending up with me getting my student visa. Since it actually took a lot shorter than I had expected and Carina had caught the flu as well and couldn't meet me downtown I ended up going back to Marlene's place and napping a few hours on the couch after shopping some imported surprises at Deli De Luca.
However I couldn't nap long since ANSA Alumni coincidentally was holding a speaker series on innovation and entrepreneurship this same evening, and as I was in Oslo to prepare for the school of entrepreneurship it would be especially fitting to attend.
It was actually quite interesting with speakers from NHO, Seed Forum and Innovation Norway, and there even was a couple of other students from Gründerskolen present there as well. After the seminars most of us went to a local bar and made a few new connections over a couple of beers.

One more thing that happened on thursday is that I got a message from Computas that they wanted to have me back for a 2nd interview this week. However since I was already in the area I decided to stop by their offices at Lysaker on friday morning since I was going past them on my way to Lier anyway. I only stayed for about an hour and left with a good feeling, which turned out to be correct as I got a job offer from them this morning, meaning that I might be moving to Oslo in September! :-)

However before I start thinking about any paid work I want to complete my studies, including my entrepreneurship specialization with Gründerskolen, so I picked up my car in Lier and went to Vettre Hotel where the weekend gathering was beeing held. As it should be for entrepreneurs the schedule wasn't made for slackers, so the programme started just after checking in with a range of lectures, including a great motivational session by Stig. Most importantly however we got to meet all the other people going abroad this year, and the guys I'm going to San Francisco with seems like an awesome crowd, so now I'm more psyched about my trip than ever!

Saturday was just more of the same, with a range of various lectures and lots of both professional and trip-related information, however both nights were rounded off by a very good 3-course dinner in the hotel resturant followed by socializing into the wee hours of the night at the bar and later in our rooms.
This combined with more lectures on sunday morning directly followed by an 8 hour drive back to Trondheim naturally got me quite exhausted, so even yesterday I was still tired. However if this weekend was any indication on how my summer in San Francisco is going to be it will to be totally awesome!
The only negative is that since we have to work 40hrs/week in addition to full-time studies during the time abroad, I think that I might be needing another vacation before starting my new job....

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