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April 19, 2006

Easter and a birthday!

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As Carina's birthday is in the beginning of April it commonly occurs somewhere during the easter-week, and this year was no exception. So instead of going directly home to Harstad before palm-weekend this year, I stayed until holy monday to be there for the birthday and make it a day to remember for Carina!

I started out by making an straight-out-of-bed egg and baguette breakfast and we just had a really lazy day with reading and watching tv after Carina had opened her gifts, amongst other things some books and monies. The next big thing was dinner! And I made it a big one; with steak, cream-baked potatoes, cold-stirred sour-cream pepper sauce, chestnut purèe, sugar-fried broccolies, mushrooms and a red-onion compote. Afterwards we had to go to bed to relax our tummies before I could serve dessert, home-made chocolate-spice-cake muffins! It was quite a lot of work but with your help we managed, and anything is worth it for you! Happy birthday love! :-)

And then it was eastertime! Carina unfortunatly had too much schoolwork due to be able to join me, but at least I got to go up north to my family and as usual we spent most of the time at our wooden family cabin in Gratangen. But before we went there I actually had my first appearance as a hired speaker when I did a sales-course for the employees of To-Foto A/S, a former employer of mine. It was fun and interesting, so I'll definatly do more such assignments in the future!
At the cabin I spent some of the days writing on my masters thesis and surfing on 9,6kbps mobile internet with my cellphone trying to finish up the business plan for Venture Cup, but I also got out on several occasions on long cross-country skiing trips with the new pair of skis I got for christmas, which actually had to much tension and therefore were extremely slippery when going uphill. But thats just extra excercise so It's all good!
During the stay we also visited my grandparents in Tromsø and stopped by their cabin at Innset as well as my uncle and aunties cabin in Andersdalen, and I even found time to catch up with a few good friends that are still hanging around in Harstad. In other words quite the normal boring easter with family :-)

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