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April 30, 2006

Disappointed and Blissful

Living in Trondheim

I didn't get the apartment.. it turned out that someone else wanted it too and they were preprared to pay more than its fair value to get it. It's a bitch but at least I saved about two million norwegian kroner... and perhaps I'll find something thats even nicer when I get down to Oslo in person to search.
Also a small thing like that can't ruin my mood, because the dinner with the Fantasi-group at Emilies on friday was absolutely fabulous! 6 courses of high-class french cuisine and in addition a couple of appetizers and an extended wine-menu with the taste of heaven. It was without doubt one of the best meals I've ever had (and I've actually had quite a few that come close)!

I'd tell you what was on the menu but everything was just so perfectly amazing that in my state of bliss I didn't remember to grab a copy, and remembering the fancy names of all the dishes and side-orders is completely beyond me. Also they change the menu every week, so you can't have it anyway. But go there to eat if you ever have the chance! It is without a doubt my favorite resturant in the Norway, bar none!

Also this weekend we had a party with a couple of my friends and Carina invited Lise to bring a couple of her friends as well. It was a smashing success and the best party I've been to recently! (And thats not because I've been so busy that I haven't been to very many...) During the night we also went to another party downtown with the owner of the Dolly Dimples resturant-chain before heading out to make a great ending to a good night at Club Savoy.

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