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May 30, 2006

Cleaning and packing

Living in Trondheim

Wow. The past weeks I have just been crazy busy! After turning in my master's thesis and completing my degree on monday the 22nd its all been about packing all my stuff, both what I will bring with me to California and everything else that had to be stashed in a garage in Trondheim over the summer. In addition we had to pack Carina's stuff and also clean out the entire apartment, meet up with my friends to say goodbye and get all of my other stuff in order before leaving.

The weekend after finishing up and turning in my thesis was spent preparing for the next couple of weeks. Saturday night there was a classy farewell party with Start NTNU, including a punch, wine, cheese and crackers and a the final chance to say goodbye to the Start people that I probably won't see again for years. Also the weekend was spent packing my suitcase to find out what I should bring and what should be stashed away.
Monday morning I took the triumphant tour of the university to get all the neccessary signatures to complete my degree and turn them in. So with this completed and my university graduate signet ring on order I have officially completed an era of my life. To keep the memories from this period I drove around all of Trondheim with Carina while taping the entire city with my camcorder on the following sunday, and this will be a nicely edited tour of the city sometime in the future. On monday we went out with Solveig and Kristoffer to have pizza at Bare Blåbær and to say goodbye, and later during the week Espen and his girlfriend came from Narvik to visit Trondheim so we managed to sqeeze them in for an evening at ChocoBoco in the old-town.
The week before was mostly spent fixing practicalities and packing down all the stuff we have stashed all over our apartment the past year. Damn that was a lot of stuff! And also Carina got an infection in her knee, so she had to stay put in a chair watching tv for almost the entire week, and she was barely able to complete her assignements for this semester. That definitively was a chinck in our plans, so we got a lot less done than expected since she couldn't do much and I had to spend a lot of time caring for her. It could have been the nicest time had we not been so incredibly busy to get everything in order *sigh*

However Carina's leg healed quickly, so she got well enough to help out as the weekend apporoached, so this is when we decided to just enjoy ourselves a bit and went to the Outlook for lunch in the wonderful spring weather, after which I filmed the city as previously mentioned. The travel-date was now getting close, so monday was spent packing everything I could into my car and driving it up to my dad's place in Stjørdal, then taking him back and filling the car and a trailer once again to move it to the garage of some family-friends. In addition the apartment had to be cleaned out completely, and especially the kitchen took almost a full day by itself, so we barely had time to complete everything, but finally we have finished up everything today and has started packing all of Carina's stuff into the car to prepare for our drive down to Oslo tomorrow morning.

Another thing that took a great deal of time for me was getting all of my new electronics in hand before leaving. I was waiting for both a new laptop-battery, the PDA and my brand new cellphone, and my especially the latter has been causing me a ton of worry as there has been delivery problems with it and noone knows if or when it will be shipped from Nokia. However today I finally got word that the supplier had a unit in store *puh*, and he promised to send it express to Trondheim so I *really*really* hope it will arrive in time for my departure tomorrow morning. This has been completetly nerve-wrecking, for if I don't get it I'll lose out on several thousand NKR in tax-refunds when leaving the country, and not to mention I'll be without a phone in the states!

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