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June 4, 2006

Livin' in California!

Grunderskolen SF'06

And now I've finally arrived in the sunshine state!
After a hectic couple of weeks just before leaving Trondheim we managed to get everything packed and my new cellphone did indeed arrive the very same morning that we left, on the 1st of June. That was incredibly lucky, and twice so since NAF in Trondheim didn't manage to fix me up with a 12V->230V power inverter in time, but I still managed to get one from NAF in Drammen, so everything worked out perfectly in the end!

The drive south to Oslo was eventless, and when we got there late in the evening Carina's mother had prepared our beds and we could almost go straight to sleep, and for the first day in weeks we got to stay in bed for a full night. The next morning we could just take it cool and slowly unpack Carina's stuff, while also going around a bit to take care of some last minute details. Then in the evening I sadly had to say goodbye to Carina and get on the airport express train. I was staying at the SAS Radisson airport hotel the last night since my flight was very early in the morning and I would have to get up at 3a.m otherwise, so because of this I got one more quite good night of sleep. I even got to sleep a bit extra as since I managed to get my tax-refund forms certified by customs the night before leaving, so I had one thing less to take care of when checking in the next morning.

That was a good thing for more than the reason of extra sleep, for the check-in lines at the airport where fairly long so I didn't have nearly as much time there as I had anticipated. I even forgot to get more Hugo Boss in the tax-free stores. But the flight was comfortable as it was for once on schedule and with plenty of space aboard, and as my transit in London was from the same terminal I got plenty of time to lunch and look around the stores there.

Out of London with American Airlines however, there were plenty of delays. Other than that the flight was good, but the power-plug in my seat couldn't provide stable enough power to my laptop so I had to watch the in-flight entertaiment instead. Luckily it was quite good, and I also talked quite a bit with the guy next to me, an american studying animation in England somewhere. When getting close to New York there was more delays happning, both to get landed and just to get close to the gate at John F. Kennedy Airport. In addition there were of course the immigrations and security checkpoints along the way, meaning that despite my scheduled 4 hour stop I was only left with about 30 minutes to roam JFK, but as the airport is the saddest one I've set foot in it was actually plenty. There were very few shops, and everything was looked old and worn down. But I got to spend more time there than expected, for after checking in the flight to San Francisco turned out to be delayed as well. We actually had to wait an additional 90 minutes before the plane could finally get on its way, but somehow they still managed to land almost on time at San Francisco International. The power-plug still didn't work, and this flight didn't have any personal entertainment or even any free food or drinks, so I ended up sleeping quite a bit despite that this would incur some serious jetlag on me.

I helped out Øystein by getting him a combined power-adapter for his laptop from Trondheim that I left at Oslo Airport for him before our flights, so in return he picked me up at the airport in the rental his company provided. I was supposed to be living in a hotel the first few nights, but Øystein got a room for himself so I just moved in there right away. That was just so much better than having to do an expensive taxi-ride to some motel I had no idea what looked like, and then not living with the rest of the crowd the first 4 days. The fact that we get along great and are like-minded spirits also made it a perfect match, and after just spending my first night here I'm finally lodged at Park Place apartments in the centre of Mountain View, California!
This is gonna be a blast :-)

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