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June 17, 2006

Another week of work and parties

Grunderskolen SF'06

And suddenly a second busy week in San Francisco has come and gone. By now we are starting to get settled in at work, but we found that the preparations required for the classes with Nesheim was quite extensive so we asked and got to have tuesdays off from work to study and prepare. Also we've been trying out a range of different lunch-places in the San Mateo area and have been trying to socialize a bit in the evenings as well.

We decided that we'd try to usually start work at around 9 a.m in the morning so that we could leave around 5p.m with a good conscience, and while we've managed to get there in the mornings it always seem to take forever before we get out of there in the evenings. Usually we have barely gotten home by 7p.m, meaning that the sun has all but disappeared from the pool area so I've not had the chance to work on my tan. At least we've found that a deli just outside our offices had really great sandwiches, so we lunched there both monday and friday and Marthe has made it a habit to stop by them for coffee every morning.

At least starting work has meant that life is slowly getting into a set schedule, so monday after work I finally found the time to unpack my stuff and clean up my room and we also chilled out a bit with some red wine that Øystein got from his CEO. Since we got tuesday mornings off from work I spent the day by the pool to prepare for our first lecture with John Nesheim the following night.
Since we had heard a lot of scary stories of mr. Nesheim we were a bit sceptical to meeting him, but it turned out that he were actually quite nice, however the classes were more or less like a 4 hour oral exam on the weeks materials, which I fail to see how can be considered spending the time wisely. However it seems he at least is perceptive, as he appointed Øystein as the new class photographer based on the fact that he was playing with his brand new $4000 SLR-camera.
After the lectures Øystein and me wanted to chill out and socialize in the jacuzzi at Park Place, but when we got there it sadly turned out that it was out of order, so instead we went to Starbucks just around the corner to hang out with Eivind, Ian, Bjørnar, Jessie and Carina who were sitting there. We also wanted to familiarize ourself with the area around Park Place, so after leaving Starbucks we headed down Castro st and found St.Stephens Green Irish pub, a very nice bar where we had a couple of beers and talked about shows on Cartoon Network. Then afterwards we shortly checked out the Buddha Lounge next door before calling it a night.

On wednesday it was back to work again and after putting in some hours there we joined Tejel for lunch at a Mexican resturant. While the place looked a bit shabby we took the fact that actual mexicans were eating there as proof that the food was ok, and it definatly were enough of it, and eating all of it turned out to be a bad idea, for those were some big-ass burritos!
After work, Alex (the american intern at SearchForce) said he wanted to show us the nightlife in Palo Alto around Stanford University. So around 8 we went there with Christos (the greek teaching assistant) and a friend of his to see a New Orleans-inspired bar called Nolas. Besides the cool mexican-day-of-the-dead like interiour it was just an ok place, so after hanging out there for a while we tried checking out some other places in the area, but everything appeared to be closed or closing, probably due to it beeing a wednesday in the middle of summer in a student area, so we ended up just heading home and getting some more beers at our place instead.

More time at work followed the next morning, and lunch was had a SubWay. That certainly brought back memories from Australia where we had SubWay quite often, and here the subs were actually better as they just piled up on the selected fillings to the point where you had trouble eating the sub.
After work Øystein picked me up directly and we went for a long drive along the scenic highway 280 to film and take pictures of some scenic points along the route, including the sunset viewed from Half-Moon Bay. We drove all the way down to Santa Cruz before heading back along highway 9 right over the mountains and along the Skyline Ridge, but sadly we were unable to locate a good night-view of the entire bay area so we will need to go back there another day. The trip was quite long so we only got back to Park Place just before midnight, just in time for me to call my Carina! The +9 hour time difference to Norway makes it quite difficult for us to talk often since either she must get up early so we can talk before I'm going to bed, or I must get up and call her before going to work in the mornings. Neither solution is good since we are both busy with work, so mostly we'll just have to talk on tuesdays (when I'm off from work) and in the few weekends when I am not travelling anywhere. I wish we could have talked more often, but that is hard to do so I'm missing you a lot, love! <3

Sadly however I had to go to work on friday too, so I rarely get to talk with Carina as much as I would like to. Work is almost settling into a routine, and there is nothing much to say about it. I'm mostly doing research and deployment of supporting tools on the linux-systems we are running, and also a bit of testing of the new releases of the SearchForce software. Nothing fancy I'd say, but today we at least had a company BBQ! Both Tejel and Santosh had the entire day off from work to prepare everything, and around 4p.m we all headed over to Central Park in San Mateo for a night of food and fun. Santosh had prepared some amazing chicken with various tandoori marinades. So we ate and had a good time with the whole gang from SearchForce, and afterwards we played some good ol' cricket where Santosh completely dominated, and then a great fun game of soccer to celebrate the World Cup!
We rounded up the fun around 9p.m and us Norwegians headed back home, where a bunch of us joined up in the apartment of Ida, Torunn, Jessie and Carina to plan tomorrows trip to Napa Valley in a bit more detail over a few beers. There we learned that Torunn's boyfriend had come over on a romantic surprise visit from Norway just for the weekend! I would have loved to do something like that, so hearing about it made me miss Carina even more. Sadly such a trip would be far to expensive for either of us to do since we are both still students, and in addition neither of us have the time to do it due to work obligations, so I'll just have to be with the dream...

When we had finished up and were headed back to get some sleep before our early morning departure tomorrow, I met some of the other guys outside and chatted with them about the trip as they headed towards their apartment. Then when I returned there were four police-officers from Mountain View PD (not rent-a-cops!) outside the girls apartment and talking with someone inside. I have no idea why they were there as we didn't make that much noise, and rent-a-cops are usually dispatched first, so the situation did appear a bit strange. Not wanting to get dragged into something I just walked back to our apartment and went to bed.

Update: I have later learned that the officers talked to Jessie and that they claimed to check up on a report that someone was yelling for help from the apartment. WTF ?!?

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