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June 24, 2006

Studying harder!

Grunderskolen SF'06

And without warning our third week in Silicon Valley were upon us, and now we are starting to feel the combined pressure of work and classes mounting. After work on monday this meant that we had to get together our group and start working on our business plan, which again means that we had to get our act together and clean up the apartment as well since our group consists of Carina and Marthe in addition to Øystein, Arthur and myself who are sharing an apartment, and they were coming over to start working on the business plan for Øysteins idea, which I naturally can't discuss due to patent issues.

Since it was our first meeting and it was to take place just after work, Øystein bought and prepared a large marinated steak and some oven-potatoes, so we had a very nice dinner before getting to work on the business plan. Unfortunatly the heavy dinner limited our productivity so we primarily managed to decide on a good elevator pitch and a name for the company, Automaton Industries. The rest of the executive summary was written in a hurry the following morning just before handing it in at the lectures that took place the same evening. The "lectures" were just like last time, more or less an oral exam, but I think that the elevator pitch I did went quite well, despite not having prepared it in keywork-form in advance due to time constraints.
Also we have identified that the Great Mall of the Bay Area is quite near the location of our lectures in Santa Clara, so afterwards a few of us drove there to check it out since it is supposed to be the very large and filled with cheap factory outlets. Øystein promptly ran over to the Oakly outlet to get sunglasses and t-shirts, but I just spent the final hour before they closed at 9p.m to walk through half the mall and see what they had to offer, and I got myself a cookie, a brownie and a Cinnabon sticky-bun for dinner... Damn that tasted good!

That night I just stayed in and blogged a bit, for as my schedule is quite packed I don't even have time to keep my blog up to date, so most of the entries from my trip here are actually back-dated from when I can time to write. Wednesday was just more of the same as monday, namely work in the morning and a project meeting in the evening. However Marthe and Eivind was going out to dinner, so we joined them and located Amarin, a very nice Thai resturant down on Castro St. As time passed most of the other Norwegians joined us as well and we had an awesome dinner there, one of the best I've had here actually, and we rounded it off by heading to the Molly Magees irish pub just across the street for some beers and socializing before heading to bed just after midnight. We made it an early night since we had to be at work again on thursday morning. That is actually getting to be a drag, since we spend way too much time there and are have not bee nable to get out of there to get home before 7p.m, just when the sun disappears from the pool-area. But at least we are enjoying ourselves at work, and taking long lunches with great food. This day we checked out Fresh Choice, a eat-till-your-full for $7,50 place with lots of great salads and also some awesome triple decadence brownies for dessert.
After lunch Eivind and I went with Samir (the CEO of SearchForce) and Alex to the Internet Venture Fair & Investment Forum in San Jose where they presented our business plan to some VCs to get more funds for operations and development. This actually took most of the afternoon so when we got back to the office we just picked up our stuff and headed home for the night almost right away, to spend the evening reading up on the books for our lectures. However we got word that the jacuzzi had finally been fixed so we had to get in and enjoy life there for a bit as well, and we even got acquainted with a french girl there who was on an exchange programme from Paris. As usual we didn't let it get too late as there is ever more work to be done the next morning.

Lunch yesterday was consumed at Taco Bell, the american institiution of lookalike-mexican food that actually bear no resemblance to the real thing. It was actually surprisingly good, at least when considering the very low prices, a full menu sells for just about $5 USD! Quite amazing so we might actually go back there a time or two if we get the cravings for Taco Bell like Tejel does :-)
Then finally it was friday night, and for once we had no work the next morning so nearly all the Norwegians joined in on a great pool-party in the jacuzzi. The french girl from last night also showed up with a couple of friends, and there was also this crazy middle-aged american woman who was obviously having quite a few issues and should have been taken care of by qualified personell... However the party was great fun and Øystein even brought down "the bucket", which is a 10 liter trash-bin from IKEA that has the same shape as their smaller plastic drinking-cups. We thought it would be a nice gimmick for us crazy partying Norwegians, and this night we mixed it half-full with Rum&Coke and passed it around to everyone who wanted a sip or a mouthful! It was very well recived and it was definatly an indicator of the mood! The party started to die off around 2a.m, so the few remaining people moved to a nachspiel in our apartment that went on well into the wee hours of the morning. Not that I experienced much of it as I went to bed just after we went back here since I was quite exhausted from the many events of the past week.

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