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June 30, 2006

Keeping busy

Grunderskolen SF'06

Finally it was Tuesday again, and with that a day off to study and prepare for the classes with Nesheim, so I had a chance to sleep in and then call my Carina <3 in Norway on Skype before hitting the books and reviewing the lectures on video. I didn't have time to finish up everything before the lecture, but the test today was quite simple so it was all good, and afterwards a bunch of us headed to the Great Mall again where I got myself a couple of new O'Neil and Quicksilver t-shirts, and Øystein and I found a Asian/Cajun-fastfood crossover place at the Great Foodcourt and had dinner there before heading back home to get some more work done on the business plan.

Wednesday was still more of the same, going to work, having lunch at Fresh Choice, getting home from work, and then having a project meeting for the business plan. The boring stuff of everyday life, so to break the monotony Marthe, Arthur and I called it a night by chilling out at home with some beers until Øystein showed up, and then went to fetch dinner from Pizza Hut.

Come Thursday we upped the antè by going to work wearing black suits, looking real professional! (I usually wear jeans and surf-tees). It was of course a special occasion as the Norwegian Consulate General were holding a reception for all us interns, some coworkers at each of our companies and the consulate and Innovation Norway staff the same evening at his home, so we were going there straight from work.
The reception was really nice with excellent food and waitering, and we met heaps of nice people, including the original founder of Gründerskolen from 1997.
After we were "thrown" out from the reception around 10p.m, most of the people there headed downtown and ended up at the bar Matrix@Fillmore where we had some more drinks and did some more networking into the wee hours of the night. Since the others from SearchForce left for early to go home to Park Place I ended up crashing at Alex's place once again , this time along with Carina and Samir, before getting early up the next morning to start on our road-trip to Vegas! Check out the next entry for details on that trip! :-)

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