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July 5, 2006

4th of July celebrations!

Grunderskolen SF'06

Yesterday was the American Indepence Day, and after sleeping in to recover from the trip to Vegas, Arthur, Øystein, Carina and myself headed into San Francisco to join in on the celebrations. We went down to Pier 39 and just took in the atmosphere as where a large crowd had gathered to see the fireworks display that were scheduled to just after nightfall. It was quite a chilly night, and as I had forgotten to bring my jacket I ended up buying a cheap buy very warm two-sided souvernir jacket at a streetside booth, so now I have one of those as well! After walking around for a few hours, darkness fell and it was time for the fireworks to begin, so we found a place out on a pier where we could watch with a nice view of the bay. The fireworks were good, but compared to what I experienced in Australia they were actually a bit dissappoing when considering the amount of people living in the Bay Area, and they were short too - lasting just over 20 minutes.
Our plan for the rest of the night was to meet up with Martin downtown, and have him show us around to some good parties that night, but we were unable to get in touch with him at all, so since we were all quite exhausted we just headed home after the fireworks-displays and called it an early night.

There was one thing I found strange however, which is that while americans are often very nationalistic I didn't see any people displaying even a single american flag on their national day. This is made even more ironic since the flag is beeing religiously portrayed at almost every building on all other days of the year. Strange people these americans :-)

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