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July 14, 2006

Catching up with everyday life

Grunderskolen SF'06

Since we got back from Vegas the realities of everyday life has really caught up with us, so we've had to put in quite a few hours with the books lest we'd fall too far behind on the study materials. Besides this and the internship work we have not done much lately deserving of mention, other than catching the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest up in the Century Cinema multiplex at Shoreline on friday night. It was a good movie, but it didn't even close to the first one in any aspects, but it is one of those that you just have to see.

Then the weekend was mostly spent recouperating the lost sleep from last weekend and reading study-materials by the pool, as well as talking to my Carina at home on Skype. Arthur and I also dropped by a party at Ida's place on saturday night as she had bought lots of fruits and liquor and was mixing fancy tropical drinks for everyone! Around midnight everyone went down to the Buddah Lounge to check out the nightlife, but we didn't stay long and returned to Park Place for a nachspiel instead. A couple of the guys then brought guitars as well, so we were all having a great time singing and drinking.

Come monday this week turned into a deja vù of last week, with nothing happening but working long hours, studying and reading by the pool, only interchanged with business plan meetings, lectures on tuesday, and watching the Discovery channel. This made for a very boring week, but at least we are going on a great trip this weekend! In just a few hours we are leaving for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks to stay in a real american trailer :-)

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