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July 23, 2006

Lounging, couching and a banana-BBQ..

Grunderskolen SF'06

The day after the rodeo it was back to work as usual, but since thursday nights are quite good in downtown Mountain View we squeezed in an eventful night out. For once it was not an indication of how the coming weekend would turn out, as we instead played it cool by the pool and had ourselves some nice dinners.

Me and Arthur started out the thursday night by having some drinks at our place before heading to Marthe and Tirill's apartment. However they had changed their minds about going out and just wanted to relax instead, so we went across to the aparment of the other girls where several others were already having a party. After some more beers there all of us headed out and once again ended up at the Buddah Lounge, which actually is a pretty cool club. After some hours and some more drinks there, Arthur is the dancing king and grooves with all the ladies, and the time to leave arrives before his desire, however on our way back to Park Place we somehow lost track of him, but eventually he did get safely home somehow, tho missing his cellphone but with some vauge memories of an encounter with the local police instead.

Then friday brought more hours at work, but also a really nice international dinner with Eivind, his peruvian girlfriend Gloria, some of her friends, his mexican CTO and a few people from his new internship company. It was a great evening with some very nice people and a few interesting food combinations, and while it didn't get very late it lead to a, for once, relaxing saturday and sunday that was mostly spent by the pool studying, and in front of the TV watching old movies like "Run Silent, Run Deep", "Fight Club" and "Under Siege 2". However Øystein and I managed to squeeze in a few hours at Stanford Uni and at the Golden Gate park to take some pictures and video on saturday, and for our sunday dinner we actually went to the pool-area where we fired up the grill and did some great steaks to begin with and then a bunch of chocolate filled baked bananas for dessert! Absolutely delicious... *slurp*

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