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July 30, 2006

Wine, cheese, tapas, cake, some movies and a club!

Grunderskolen SF'06

Until now we have mostly been spending the summer going on various trips and events in smaller groups, but that changed this week with a Wine&Cheese party first, and then a Tapas-night tool Then in between this and the pressure from our work and studies which is really building up now, we also found the time to see some movies, visit Gloria and to go clubbing in San Francisco!

With this summer actually nearing its end (just two weeks left until our business plan presentation!) we're starting to feel the pressure to get some work done so both Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were fully spent working and studying as there is not much time left now. On Tuesday we as usual had some extra time to study before this weeks lecture where the new Norwegian startup bMenu also visited to present their business plan to us. They were former students at the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship programme and mostly dropped by to say hi to Nesheim. Just before the lecture we had spontaneously decided to throw a Wine&Cheese party the same night, so we naturally invited the visitors to come along and reminiscence of the old days in SF with us. So on our way back from the lectures Øystein and I stopped at Wholefoods as we wanted a better selection than what our local Safeway provides, and picked out some excellent wines and cheeses for the night, and also a few for later including a Californian dessert wine that looked very intriguing.
The event was a stunning success with almost everyone showing up to enjoy a fantastic selection of good cheeses, crackers and wines, and we kept ourselves occupied with chatter, snacks and wine by the pool-area until well after midnight before heading up to our apartment for a short nachspiel. Howerever the bMenu-guys had to get back to their hotel for an early morning flight, so they left a large cooler-bag of beer for us that was left from the party :-)

After the next two days doing nothing but work, we had a relaxing night on friday watching a couple of movies at home first, and then deciding to go see "Superman Returns" in the San Jose IMAX theater, however The Tech where the IMAX is located was closed (!) due to the San Jose Grand Prix and the amount of people around downtown because of that... It made no sense to us, but there was nothing to do but go somewhere else, so we ended up watchin "Miami Vice" at the Century Theaters at the Great Mall of the Bay Area instead, which was a good and entertaining movie despite lacking some of the charm from the series.

We were apparently not the only ones needing to relax a bit this weekend as for once noone were going away for longer trips in the area, so after spending most of Saturday by the pool together we held a join Tapas dinner where everyone should bring a couple of specialities. Øystein and I once again headed over to Wholefoods for our shopping, and once again it was a runaway success! I dished up with my favorite, Papas Arrugadas - salted wrinkly small potatoes that turned out really well, as well as some unsuccessful garlic fried shrimp. Øystein made fried oysters with pesto and bread and everyone else also brought a variation of foods. It was the best time and amost everything tasted great, and as there was way too much food so I even filled a plate and had for breakfast :-)
As the time was nearing 11p.m some neighbours had complained about the noise so a rent-a-cop showed up to break up the party, but as we have gotten to know the guy by know he ended up joining us instead... however the Mountain View Police had also been notified and from prior experience with Norwegians they didn't just leave after giving the message but hung around until everyone had moved inside. While most went to a nachspiel in one of the apartments, Øystein, Carina, Bjørnar and myself instead headed into San Francisco to check out the fabled club scene that we had not yet visited. After some discussions we went to the EndUp on 6th Street, where there just happened to be a pre-party for the Burning Man festival so the place was packed with lots of crazy people. Great fun and it is a shame that we haven't gone clubbing downtown before! It was a great place catering to all audiences, so Bjørnar even managed to hit on a crossdresser ;-)

After staying up really late it was once again just wonderful to spend a sunday morning relaxing by the pool with a few of the others. I'm definatly going to miss that part of California when I go back home to Norway, just like I did when I returned from Australia. Hangover + pool = bliss! (or at least its the best alternative I've come across).
Then while we were chilling out Eivind called and wanted to invite us to a get-together at his girlfriends place in the evening. Since none of us were in the mood for another party that sounded wonderful, so around 7-ish I headed out with Bjørnar, Jessie, Arthur, Carina and Torunn to find the house were Gloria rented a room up in Redwood City. Eivind had baked a norwegian specialty, a mousse-cake covered with slices of a swiss roll, YummeY! He had also rented a couple of movies and we ended up watching "", a film about the rise an fall of an internet bubble startup company, a topic that seemed very appropriate considering our current studies in entrepreneurship. While it was a bit amateurish at times, most of it was actually quite interesting and we recognized a lot of applications for our curriculum in the movie. All in all it was a very pleasant visit and more like home than most other things we experience here, and also the cake was really great! Kudos for that one Eivind!

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