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August 12, 2006

Goodbye lunch, visiting Berkeley & Diving Point Lobos

Grunderskolen SF'06

After an excessive amount of partying lately it has been getting increasingly harder to get up and go to work in the mornings, but I had to get up this Friday too since summer is almost over and there was going to be a goodbye lunch with the entire company for all of us interns, so I managed to get up and go to work this last day of the week as well. When the day started nearing noon all the employees were rounded up and for once we went out with everyone present, but found that the first choice of restaurant for our lunch had been closed, so we ended up going to the Persian restaurant Shalizaar instead. We ordered served a variety of Kabobs and other really good Persian-style food, plus we got to have some fun with Samir with his glass of "doogh", a very peculiar tasting Persian drink made from yogurt, water, mint, salt and pepper served on ice...

Then as the work-day was nearing its end I was picked early up by Øystein instead of going home with Marthe and Arthur as we had to go and pick up my scuba gear-rentals for our dives today. Afterwards Øystein and Carina was going to pick up Venkat, one of the guys they have been working with, as he was going to show them around the Berkely University campus and the surrounding area, and since I wanted to see the place before leaving I joined in as well. After a short stop at Venkats house in Fremont and in Oakland to get some food we headed over to the Berkley campus and walked around there for a few hours before going to a cafè down at University Avenue where we met Venkats wife who was there studying. It was supposed to be just a short trip but before we knew it the entire evening had passed, so when we got home Øystein and I went straight to sleep so we could get up and go diving in the morning.

Then today it was up early to load the car and head down to Point Lobos State Reserve just south of Monterey where we did our first dives here. We made reservations for this dive two months in advance as the location is inside a national park and they only permit access to 15 pairs of divers per day. The area was really beautiful, so we ended up doing a short hike across the hill to Bluefish cove before we geared up to dive from the only prepared and permitted diving-spot in the park at Whalers cove.
Since the good spots were supposed to be just outside of the bay we had to do a fair bit of surface swimming before going under, but when we did it was amazing! There were awesome kelp-forests in-between cliffs and ravines just like something taken out of the Norwegian children's stories about "Taremareby". Our second dive was even better than the first as we managed to locate an amazing cliff with heaps of fish, mussels, and various anemones. It was a truly amazing area to dive in, but unfortunately it was also quite tiresome since long surface-swims were required both before and after each dive so when we finished both of us were quite exhausted.
This meant that our original plans to either work on the business plan when we returned to Mountain View, or to go downtown to join the Tour de Fransisco pub-crawl were completely out of the question. Instead we settled for a good nights sleep so we could get up early on Sunday to finally get some work done on the business plan, which after all is due for delivery this Tuesday...

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