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August 17, 2006

Final exams

Grunderskolen SF'06

With our final examination and the delivery of our business plan due this Tuesday, and after prioritizing most of last week to new experiences and parties, it was really about time to put in some serious work on the plan so we could get it ready in time. So Sunday morning at 10a.m, just after a short detour to drop of mine and Øysteins rented diving equipment, the Automaton Industries team met up in the offices of PeerMe to finish up the plan that we have been working on all summer.

However since we until now have been focusing mostly on the individual parts of the plan that were due for each Tuesday and not on the plan as a whole, we ended up staying in those offices all of Sunday, and we kept working until nearly 2a.m at night. Then after just a short day at work on Monday we returned and again kept at it until way past midnight before catching just a little bit of sleep at home before returning Tuesday morning at 8a.m. to finish up the final bits and pieces. Then after assembling the final version into a nice PDF, Øystein headed down to a local copy shop to have the business plan printed and binded while the rest of us practiced the presentation. As our 4p.m deadline were approaching quickly we got a little bit stressed when Øystein got delayed on the way, and even more so when he returned and we discovered that there had been an error with some of the graphics. But to make it to the presentation at Bunker Hill in time we had to leave immediately, but luckily the errors weren't critical and we even managed to fix most of them manually before handing it in. And then, it was our turn to give our presentation. It actually went over quite well according to the feedback from our fellow students, but we won't know for certain until the grades are released later this fall, but finally we could sit down and breath easy as we were now done with our studies for the summer.

This of course called for celebration, so after everyone had presented we headed home to get some decent food and have some beers. Øystein and I just grabbing some Chinese fast food from Mr.Chau's on the way, and then back at Park Place a few of the others had organized a graduation event in the common room. There we got to see the world premiere of "A day in the life", a movie about us and our stay in silicon valley that Bjørn has been working on during nights the past month. It was simply an incredible piece of work and it will be just awesome to have it as a memory of the great summer in California.
But then it was time for more beers, and afterwards we headed to downtown Mountain View for a night out and ended up at UGLY's, a quite "special" bar down on El Camino with an odd mix of guests, but definatly a fun place to go. However due to our exhausting schedule the last couple of days we didn't stay long, and at least for me my bed was a lot more tempting than more beer.

Then today it was another day at work, and time to start wrapping up the remainder of my tasks since this is our last week on the job. It looks like I'll be able to finish all of it just in time, so I hope that Santosh, the lead developer, will be happy about that. After work the entire class met up at Tied House, the silicon valley landmark I went to before, to have our graduation dinner with Professor Nesheim. Once again the food was very good, and we had a great time, finally getting to know Nesheim a bit more personally, which is the same as how he is in classes! A somewhat quirky but very knowledgeable person who speaks his mind no matter what.
After dinner most people were tired and not in the mood for another party, so quite a few of us instead ended up going to the Shoreline Cinema were we decided to see "World Trade Center" - the movie, which was just as sappy and filled with clichés as was to be expected from a low budget American movie about heroism and nationalism. Clearly not what you would want to waste neither your time nor your money on.

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