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August 20, 2006

Wrapping up at work

Grunderskolen SF'06

This last week at work Marthe and I have started wrapping up our final tasks, while Arthur has come down with a stomach bug and have been staying home since last Wednesday. Since we will be going home quite soon I have also taken every chance I get to talk to get to know some new people, and this Thursday Dave came up to San Mateo to meet me for lunch as he was interested in talking about Searchforceand other things. He is one of the gentlemen I met at the Norwegian Club of SF last week, and works with the Merrill-Lynch Investment bank.

Also sometime over the summer the idea of throwing a BBQ and invite a bunch of Venture Capitalists and other interesting people popped up, so a couple of students joined forces with Tom of PeerMe to throw one together in the common area at Park Place, so after work on Thursday there were going to be another chance to meet more people, but unfortunately no new people actually showed up. Those who did come were Lawson and Samir (both from Searchforce), Blake (PeerMe's lawyer) and Petter and Jakob who I also met at the Norwegian Club of SF. Despite this we had a great time however. The BBQ did as usual contain gracious amounts of Lassater beef from Tom, as well as salads with his special topping and Øysteins potatoes, so we had a great meal and an enjoyable evening and night far into the wee hours. Petter actually ended up crashing at our place afterwards as he had a meeting in Mountain View the next day and it would be stupid to go back to the city just to go back in time for the meeting.

Not all of the students were present either, as Bjørn and Cecilie had gone to Mexico, and Carina (the one in my group here at Gründerskolen, not my girlfriend in Norway) took off just before the event to spend a week at the Bahamas. For me this was a good thing as she let me use her company rental-car during her absence, a pretty nice Nissan Altima. From Searchforce the three of us had only gotten one worn-out Ford Taurus, and while it wasn't a problem sharing it over the summer, I'll be free to go anywhere whenever this week without having to check with anyone about the car :-)

Then this Friday was our last day working at Searchforce! It's incredible that the summer has passed so quickly and is already at an end. I actually haven't really said anything particular about the work in my blog so far, so I'll try to give a little recap here.
Most days we meet up by the fountain at Park Place around 9a.m in the mornings and carpool the 30 minute drive out to the Bay View building in San Mateo. We often stop by the Deli on the ground floor to get some coffee or breakfast on our way in. Office space is at a premium so we have our desks located in the main hall, and to make it easier both for ourselves and for the company we bring and use our own laptops. Most of the other people usually showed up sometime before 11a.m, but we still head out for lunch just a little after noon. We've been trying out different places like SubWay, Fresh Choice and Taco Bell as I've previously written, but we mostly end up going to the local Deli in the building which is very clean and has great food and nice people. After lunch people get a bit more productive and most often work quite late, but we also take quite a few breaks to snack and play foozball, and we've been kicking Lawsons ass since the first day :-)
In the beginning we usually kept at it until at least 7p.m every night before heading home, but as we wanted to catch some sun by the pool this summer too we started leaving earlier as the weeks passed and have ended up going home around 4p.m lately. It's still a full days work (unlike some of the others!) and our tasks have been quite varied. Marthe has as a designer been making new logos and interface designs for the software and website, while Arthur and I have been doing some testing and development work on various parts of the software, as well as other supporting engineering tasks. Before he changed to another internship, Eivind was also doing both engineering work as well as working on the company strategy and business plan.
And after doing this for almost three months now it was suddenly our last day at work this Friday! It's been a lot of fun, but it will also be interesting to try something different when I get home and start at Computas. But there was no slacking even today, as it has been spent finishing up our current projects and detailing their status to the others. Marthe and I also had a nice goodbye lunch with Tejel at a Chinese restaurant just a short walk down El Camino, and then we had a few more hours before the time came to play some last rounds of foozball before we said our goodbyes to everyone.

Afterwards I took advantage of having my own car for once, and headed to the Great Mall shopping for a suitcase to get all my new stuff back to Norway. Since I was already there I just as well had dinner in the food court before heading home where Øysteins buddies had just returned from an excursion of their own. We were all pretty tired so for once the weekend was spent relaxing completely. Just sleeping in before spending some hours by the pool, and then crashing on the couch for some more hours watching TV and perhaps a movie. I even got started on watching The O.C season 1 that I've had on my hard drive for several years now. Only tonight did we actually hang out with someone else when we stopped by Tom's place for a final BBQ and said goodbye to Øystein and his buddies who are taking off on their big road trip throughout the western states and Mexico tomorrow morning. This is really the good life... and its actually quite relaxing... so now I'm heading to bed!

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