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August 30, 2006

Leaving time

Grunderskolen SF'06

And then, all of a sudden on this Sunday morning, summer was over and people started going home to Norway, so it was also the time for goodbyes. My flight were scheduled very early on Monday morning, so to have an easier time getting to the airport then we arranged it so that I drove Carina to the airport when she left at noon on Sunday. In return I got to keep the car for an extra day so I could take myself comfortably to the airport the next morning.
When she had left I went home and started packing up all my own stuff, and despite having bought an extra 120 liter suitcase I almost couldn't fit everything! It must have been those 30 new t-shirts I've gotten myself...

However eventually I managed to get almost everything in order, so I took a break and went over to Tom's place along with Ida to have a few final beers and to say goodbye to them both. While there I got a call from Lawson who wanted to drop by and say goodbye to us Searchforce interns, and when I left Tom's place and said goodbye to Ida he was already over at our place along with Marthe and Arthur. All of us then went over to Amici's East Coast Pizzeria on Castro and ordered some dinner that we brought back to our place were we had some beers and talked until almost midnight. We said goodbye to the others and I went back to finish packing the last few items, and I suddenly discovered that I had forgotten to pack my shoes! Despite my suitcases already being quite full I somehow managed to fit them in there as well, when I discovered that I had also forgotten to pack my toiletries. Eventually after ensuring that I hadn't forgotten anything else I could finally close up my suitcases for good and go to bed to get a few hours of shuteye.

At 5a.m the next morning it was time to get up, get dressed and load the car so that I could get to the airport in time along with Cecilie who's flight were departing half-an hour ahead of mine. While cleaning out the car I found a bottle of water that I thought would be nice to have on the long flight, forgetting completely about the newest insane regulation caused by the terrorism paranoia, so when passing the first security checkpoint they made me leave it in the trash... and with my luck a storm caused major delays in Chicago so we ended up sitting in the plane on the ground for almost two hours before getting underway. By then I had of course lost my connection onwards to London, but at least getting a new ticket at O'Hare in Chicago was exceptionally fast and easy so I got on the very next flight just 40 minutes after touchdown. That was really impressive, but I still missed my next flight to Oslo the next morning, and in London it was considerably more time consuming to get a new ticket. I actually ended up waiting at Heathrow for nearly 3 hours, despite there beeing three flights to Oslo leaving before that, but luckily I had calculated plenty of time to take care of business before my flight home to my family. After all I had to put one of the suitcases in storage, and most important of all I were meeting my girlfriend Carina again for the first time in three months! <3
That was probably the best moment I've had all summer, and afterwards we could just relax and board a plane to Harstad together! There we were picked up at the airport and at home my mom had prepared a light supper for us before heading straight to bed to sleeeep....

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