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September 5, 2006

Beeing home and visiting Risvær

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After a long and tiresome journey it was finally time to unpack my bags and relax in the comforts of home. When dinner time were approaching I were sent to pick up my Grandmother at her house as she was joining us, and also to run some errands on the way as well. Since I would be gone a while Carina joined me and we went shopping a bit for ourselves as well. I also took the opportunity to stop by Kanebogen Mall and say hi to my best friend Tom-Inge who are currently working at Telehuset there. For my welcome-back dinner, my mom had prepared one of my favorite meals: an eastern inspired mango-chicken curry-casserole. Yum!

The next day Carina and I just slouched inside watching movies and having a relaxing day. We then had my dad's specialty home made pizza for dinner, however it got a tad burnt when my mom had to prepare it as dad got delayed on a business trip and didn't arrive until we had finished eating. Afterwards Carina and I watched some more movies and also started packing for our trip to the new family cabin we have built by the sea on Risvær in the Lofoten Islands. We left early the next morning and drove to Øksneshamn from were there is a scheduled boat service between the nearby islands, including Risvær.
Risvær consist of two very small islands with no permanent inhabitants, so there is not much to do there during the days. For me that was just perfect right now, so we just spent the entire weekend relaxing completely, laying on the patio, watching movies, and making ourselves some good dinners with wine. Only to break the monotony and to give Carina a tour of the area did we go for a few short walks and take our Steady-boat out for some short rides around the islands. What is amazing about Risvær is that the weather is always excellent. We could see the storm-clouds and rain all around us, but over Risvær the sun was mostly shining for the entire weekend, so it makes for a perfect holiday retreat.

Then on Sunday afternoon the boat returned to Risvær to pick us up and take us back to our car that was parked in Øksneshamn. Then it was the three hour drive back to Harstad, so we were home again around 9ish and went almost straight to bed. On Monday I again returned to my grandmothers house to mow the lawn and to bring her over for dinner. My mom thinks we aren't having fish for dinner often enough, so she had prepared an oven baked salmon with a new kind of spice mix that a delicacy shop in Harstad has started making. It was so good that I actually bought a few boxes of the spice mix for myself when I was taking my grandmother home later that evening.

However that very same night I also got a phone call from my mothers 'friends' where I put my furniture in storage over the summer. We had originally agreed that I could keep my stuff in their basement until winter, but for no good reason they suddenly needed me to move my stuff out within a week. I had planned on relaxing in Harstad for almost another week before flying to Belgium where I will be staying for two weeks with Carina as she is moving there to study. However to accommodate the changing whims of others I had to move my departure up by several days to be able get my stuff in Trondheim and drive it to Oslo. Luckily I found and have been promised that I can rent an apartment at Skøyen, so I just hope it is acceptable because I won't have the time to find anything else now. While this messed up my relaxation plans after having had a very intensive year, at least I were able to spend most of my final day at home in peace by having waffles for lunch at my grandmothers house and then dinner with my mom at the Bertheus J. Nielsen restaurant before once again packing up my stuff and getting ready to leave again...

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