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September 9, 2006

Moving to Oslo

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And then it was back on the road again...
Carina and I got up early and caught the morning flight to Oslo were Carina's mom picked us up from the Airport Express train in Asker. After a short stop at their house I had my car kick-started (the battery was flat from beeing unused all summer) and headed to Skøyen to see the apartment that would perhaps be my next home. At 48sqm and quite smartly laid out it is good and spacious and it is located perfectly with less than 10 minutes travel-time both to work and to the city center. On the downside it was not exactly in tip-top shape, but as I will be living by myself for the next year and the rent beeing acceptable it will do for now, so I signed the lease and got the keys.

However I couldn't stay and enjoy my new place as I had my stuff to pick up, so I just locked the place up and went to Statoil and rented a large cargo-trailer and hit the road to Trondheim. With the trailer the trip took longer than usual, so I didn't arrive until after 2a.m that night. I even got extra delayed at a Road-department check point just before getting to my dads place, as they didn't have enough trucks to stop that night so they had started checking everyone else as well.

Then the next morning it was up at 7a.m to go and pick up the keys to the garage from Tore, and then loading all my stuff both from my dad's place and the garage into the trailer. It was a good thing I had rented the largest one available, for the smaller ones probably wouldn't have held everything. When we were done I headed back into Trondheim to pick up a few items that Carina and I had left in the storage shack at Lerkendal student village, before going straight back the way I came to Oslo. Now with the trailer fully loaded my car had a real load to pull, and at some of the mountain passes I actually wondered if it could take it, but as the good Toyota it is it pulled through perfectly and I arrived on schedule at Skøyen where Arne Cato soon showed up to help me unload. After we finished it was getting late, so I headed back to Carina's place in Lier and went almost straight to bed after two exhausting days. On Friday I took the opportunity to sleep in a bit before Carina and I went back to my new apartment to clean, unpack and organize my belongings so that the place would be livable when I returned from Brussels. Afterwards we had a nice taco dinner with Carina's sister Hanne before also spending most of today unpacking before we had to start packing our bags for our morning flight to Brussels instead.
I almost feel like I'm not doing anything but moving stuff in and out from bags and suitcases these days...

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