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December 1, 2006

Just everyday life for a while

Working in Oslo

After leading the busy life of a globetrotter for a good while now, the past month has been comparatively quiet. It has also been my first taste of mostly everyday life with a job every morning and nothing but dinner on my regular schedule every night.
Thats not to say I haven't been doing anything of course, there's been plenty of stuff to fill my nights, just nothing very out of the ordinary. Most notably my girlfriend Carina has been visiting for more than a week, so we've had several dinners with her family at our place, their place and most notably at the Pakistani restaurant Haveli at Skøyen. A real treat for the tastebuds :-)
Also I've spent a weekend visiting Carina in Brussels, but I wasn't feeling well, so other than a little shopping downtown we spent most of the weekend hanging out in her studio apartment, with me reading Joseph Hellers "Catch-22". Oh the irony... but a good book nonetheless.
Yossarian lives!

On the home and work fronts I've also been doing heaps, so I'll just give a summary:
- Comp Au Vin, my company's interest group for the finer things in life held a wine-tasting seminar where we learned a lot about wine and tried a bunch of great ones too. Awesome!
- I attended a networking event by, with interesting discussions hosted at Steria where I got several new contacts, both recruiters and IT-professionals.
- I continued playing floorball with a bunch of guys from work some Tuesdays.
- Gründerskolen Alumni held a very interesting workshop in Innovative Group-methods with Finnish management consultants from InnoTiimi.
- Most new employees at work attended a really good full day course in web application security by Sverre H. Huseby, author of "Innocent Code", and I've also been to a refresher course in cryptography.
- The Norwegian Computer Society held an IT-lunch on the future of telecommunications in the offices of Ericsson.
- I've been a couple of times to the movies, catching both "Babel" and "The Departed" with various friends. Both were ok entertainment but nothing special really.
- I went to my second NorwayBC networking-meeting at Odeon, this time with a lecture by DnBNOR on lessons from entering the fast growing Russian market.
- At work I've been moved to a project for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and all the Computas-people there has been on a social-relation/team-building night where we walked down to Cafè Nero just down the street for food and beers and an evening of social interaction with my new co-workers.

All in all quite a busy month, like most of my months the past couple of years. I guess It'll take a while until I manage to calm my life down a bit, but on the other hand being busy is fun fun!

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