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September 27, 2003

Having a GREAT time!

The Travel Channel

I'm now sitting a an internet cafe in Airlie Beach, halfway through the most amazing vacation ever! Everything is so unbelievably great that even if the trip ended now it would still be worth the $1400... and we still got 5 more days to go!!!

So far we've been on a booze-cruise out of Harvey Bay, driven across Fraser Island in a off-road bus, been sailing around and diving at the inner parts of the barrier reef in the closest thing you can get to paradise: The Withsundays, which is also where we stayed at an amazing beach-resort called the Crocodile Club. Lots of parties, a fun and friendly gang of people, heaps of adventure and having had totally awesome weather all the time with calm seas and a sunny 30-35°C has made this the best days of my life!

The snake in paradise is that I have gotten a hefty sunburn, but that was to be expected :-)

September 23, 2003

Finally Springbreak!

Brisbane Daily Life

And thus the day has finally arrived. I've completed all the assignments that were due for this week, and some of those due for the week after I get back, and now my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

The bus leaves Brisbane at 9a.m so I'm off to bed now, but I'll post a detailed travel-diary-thingie when I get back! Have a nice vacation everyone! :-)

September 21, 2003

Sneaker trouble

Brisbane Daily Life

As I am going on the Extreme Adventures trip on tuesday morning, I needed to get some new stuff to get ready. First of all a travel-bag was required, and I am now the not-very-proud owner of a nice black Sportec-bag worth $15.
Last wednesday I was playing basketball up in New Farm when the sole on one of my old sneakers fell off, so this means a new pair were in order, preferrably before departure, but that was easier said than done.

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September 19, 2003

Cinematic bliss

From my Point of View

Pirates skullLately I have been working a lot on my assignments to have them ready before departing on my springbreak adventure, but in between one needs to relax and as this fall have had an abdunance of great movie releases I can't find a better way than watching them on the big screen :)

On tuesday I discovered that the last showing of "Finding Nemo" was coming up, so I scrambeled to catch it while I could. And I'm glad I did, for it was quite amazing. For with a good story and even humourous for adults it stands among all the great Disney movies that have been made lately (of which "The Emperors New Groove" is a definite number 1).

Then today Are tried to get a group along with him to see "Pirates of the Caribbean", and as ignoring a good chance when it comes is a bad thing, I gladly joined in on the fun. The movie was great! Lots of swashbuckling action and I really got the urge to play "Sea Dogs II" (aka. "Pirates of the Caribbean".. go figure). Thats not to say there weren't a couple of boring scenes in between, but overall I had a good time with lots of laughs!

Coming up next is a wide range of adventurous action movies, including: "Bad Boys II", "Tomb Raider II: The Cradle of Life", "S.W.A.T.", "Underworld", "Kill Bill", "Desperado 3: Once upon a time in Mexico", "The Last Samurai", "Matrix Revolutions" and last, but likely to be the grandest of them all, the final installment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: "The Return of the King".

September 14, 2003


Party all Night

Benedicte, Courtney og Svein-MagnusThis have been a weekend of real scandinavian partyfun!
On friday the Swedish Society held a Launch party for the newest product from Absolut Vodka, namely the Absolut Vanilia. As a launch party it wasn't anything special, but for a friday at the Port Office it was great! And it was made extra cool by having everyone wear white, which gave the entire function a kind of 'theme' in addition to the vodkathingie. It really makes the party stand out enough to make it memorable and extra fun! :)
The vanilia vodka was just that, vodka with vanilia taste which just as Vanilla Coke are not my preffered choice or taste. But I did discover that the Long Island Icetea served here is really great! It's $10 a drink, but then you get a big drink with 10cl alcohol, and its not like any of those pre-mixed LongIslands that you get most places in Norway.

Then on saturday there was another launch-party, this time celebrating the creation of a city-board for ANSA, the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad. It was held at Pig'n'Whistle Riverside with the entire biergarden reserved for us. Lots and lots of norwegians and swedes showed up, with some bringing american and australian friends as well! Again I had a great time at an excellent party with happy hour prices all night, norwegian party-music and the screening of the video from the Wineyard-excursion that took place earlier in the day. After Pig'n'Whistle closed at 3a.m most of the remaining partyers went over to Exchange, but by now people were starting to head home, and so did I. After all I do have lots of assignments to complete this week.

September 10, 2003

One hot day!

Brisbane Daily Life

SunToday have been *really* hot! Its the first time since I got here that the shadow temperature have risen above 30°C, so we are starting to feel the summer approaching quickly.
As it have been a beatiful day with the sun shining and all I've walked around campus and the botanical gardens taking some pictures. I will soon put some of them up in the entry about QUT. Then when I got home I actually turned on the aircondition in our apartment for the first time since we moved in! The cool air inside is really nice already now, so I definitively think it will be worth its price when temperatures peak during november and december.

September 9, 2003

Dinner and a movie

Brisbane Daily Life

Today I ran into Emil, Helle and Susanne on campus after finishing some groupwork on my network planning assignment. They were going to have dinner at an italian resturant, and since I hadn't had dinner yet I just joined them instead of going home. We had a nice pasta-meal with salmon and capers, and it would have been even better if I had remembered the Parmesan cheese before I finished my plate...
Afterwards we went to the Myer-centre cinemas to see "The Italian Job", which was ok but a bit plain. I kept getting the feeling that I had seen it before as the story was simliar to a lot of other movies about high-class thieves. Not a movie I'll remember for long, but as always it performs excellent as easy entertainment.

Queensland Univertsity of Technology

Study all Day

View of the city from the Botanic Gardens

    "A university for the real world."
Queensland University of Technology is a modern university specializing in up to date courses with real world applications. Catering for part-time students most of the lectures are available after working hours. The main campus Gardens Point, which is where I attend, is situated almost inside the Brisbane city botanic gardens which is just a 5 minute walk from Brisbane CBD. The campus area is beatifully laid out with lots of grass-spots, forests, mingle-areas, and cafès in between the buildings. As the botanic gardens cover three sides of the campus it makes a wonderful recreational area for students wanting to study in green surroundings or just relax in the sun.
QUT Aritsans Cafè

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My Courses of Study

Study all Day

During my year at QUT I am studying the following units.
A full semester load at QUT is 48 credit points.

Updated 18th of March 2004 @ 18:36.

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September 8, 2003

Pictures from Australia

Website Updates

I've been so busy with school and friends and parties that I had forgotten all about uploading all the pictures I've taken since I left Norway. Luckily Anne reminded me about it today, so I immediatly uploaded all the pictures I have taken so far. This includes the pictures from Singapore, the ISS excursion to Kurrumbin and our trip to the Sunshine Coast as well as lots of other pictures from various parties and around Brisbane.
All of the pictures can be found on the gallery pages! Enjoy :)

September 7, 2003

Sunrise over Brisbane

Party all Night

The german journalist, Florian, held a BBQ party last night with heaps of people. It was really great and there even was a bunch of australians attending, so all of us made lots of new friends!
Most of the people at the party talked about going to the Port Office, but as we left in groups noone seemed to appear there but us. The Thomas'es then went for a kebab and to bed while me and Tommy moved on to Embassy where we met some others norwegians, with whom we then went to Exchange when Embassy closed at 3.a.m. It wasn't the best night out, but when we afterwards went home to Tine and Bjørnars apartment at RiverPlace to have a nachspiel, and got to watch the sunrise from a balcony at 28th floor it was all wonderful :)

I *really* want to move to one of those apartments soon... especially since I won't be able to afford that level of luxery anytime soon back in Norway. We'll just have to see what happens after christmas when our lease expires :)

September 4, 2003

Poor and happy!

Brisbane Daily Life

I actually managed to round up 3-4 others that were interested in the diving course I mentioned yesterday, but none of them could say for certain that they wanted to come along, or even if they could! For me this spells out that some of them are going to decline when the time comes to order the trip, so even of there were any spots left we'd be to few to go (due to the shared cost of renting a car). In this situation it would both be too late to find someone else to go with as well as to book another trip, so this morning I threw caution to the wind and ordered the Extreme Adventures "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!".

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September 3, 2003

What to do for SpringBreak

Brisbane Daily Life

Springbreak is coming up in less than a month, and I haven't given it much thought until I suddenly discovered that most trips are now fully booked and almost everyone I know have made plans already. Gaah!
Since staying in Brisbane would be insanely boring I quickly started looking at my options yesterday. What I really want to do is to go on the Queensland-coast trip from Extreme Adventures, but it is starting at $1400 not including the return trip from Cairns or sky-diving, so the price is a bit too steep, and I'd rather find something else. Monica, Simen, Thomas and a bunch of other people is going to sail the Whitsundays and drive around Fraiser Island, but they have already booked the trip and their group is most likely full. Christine is going to NZ with her boyfriend, and this is Jannes plan as well. Susanne booked a trip to Bali long ago with some friends, and the Danish girls are going to Sydney. Most of the other people I have talked to are just spending the week on the beach to save money, while a few others doesn't have any plans to travel at all.

The thing I am most eager to do is to gather up a group of people, rent a car and drive to Airlie Beach for a 5 day diving course to get the PADI Open Water Diving-license. The problem is I'm running out of people I know who would want to go, so if anyone reading this in Brisbane wanna come along on a trip like that, please do tell me about it!

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