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November 26, 2003


Brisbane Daily Life

Today I joined Benedicte and Cathrine on a trip out to the Brisbane Yacht Club in Manly. Every wednesday they have free sailing and BBQ for anyone who wants to come, just show up and get assigned to a boat in which you race for a couple of hours before returning to the Club for an Aussie-BBQ.
It was a great trip, especially since the weather was a bit rough with large waves and quite powerful winds while the sun shone from a blue sky. We all got soaked good by the splashes, and after sitting in the chilling wind for several hours it was wonderful to get home and have a long warm shower... as is usual after getting soaked :-)

November 16, 2003

Rainforest film

Website Updates

And now I present to you the movie from an excursion to the Australian rainforest on the Gold Coast. As usual it can be found in the Moviesection of my gallery. This one is also in WMV8-format because I am lazy.

Lazy party-days

Party all Night

With no school and no work my days are filled with fun and lazyness. I just got in after spending some hours by the pool, the best hangover-cure there is :-)
And hangover-cures is good to have these days as all of this semesters exams are over so the last week has been filled with various end-of-semester and going-away parties. The largest party yet was last nights official end-of-semester and graduation party by the Norwegian Student Klub. Me and Are first joined a vorspiel/birthdayparty at a house out in Sunnybank where Marlene, Hanne, Mette, Silje and ... lives. Around midnight we taxied back to the city to meet up with the other NorSK people at the Port Office Hotel. The place was completely packed when we arrived, and there were lots and lots of familiar faces, so it all became a great night out!

Of the other parties the last week we've been hanging out for beers at Murphys Irish Pub, sipping assorted vodkas at Chill and partying wild at the infamous Down Under Bar. This is how I enjoy life these days :-)

November 10, 2003


Brisbane Daily Life

As I've now finished all my studies this semester I have finally got time to edit some of the video I've taped the past 8 months... the first one out is "A day at the Beach", a selection of video memories from a weekend in August. It can be downloaded from the Moviesection, now in WM8-format as Adobe Premiere Pro had a nice export function for it. Enjoy:)

November 6, 2003


Study all Day

Finally I've completed my last exam this semester, so for the next 4 months I'll be doing nothing but enjoying lazy days under the Australian sun while having heaps of fun and hopefully get to do some travelling!

And by the way.. hello! to visitors from HotelChatter. I hope you found something interesting on my site :)

November 2, 2003


Party all Night

swesoc-halloween.jpgLast night the Swedish Society Halloween Party took place, and it was the coolest one ever! It started with everyone gathering outside of QUT to catch a bus out to Castle Rumble, a location especially made for events like this. Everyone had really worked on their costumes so it all looked really great! There was naturally lots of devils, zombies and vampires attending, but also some samurais, a couple of skeletons and some militia types. The price for best costume went to Kim dressed as Freddy Krüger, with Simen beeing runner up as a Were-wolf. After socializing and playing some games at the Castle the busses took us back to the city for a kick-ass afterparty at Hotel Orient. This was great fun and I hope there will be more parties like this to come :-D
Pictures will come in the gallery at Swedish Society!

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