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February 27, 2004

International Welcoming Party

Party all Night

studentguild.gifLike last semester, the International Students Section held a welcoming party at the Student Guild Bar, and as it was a great party last year a bunch of us decided we would go. It's always good to get to know some of the new arrivals in Brisbane as we'll most likely be hanging out with some of them the next couple of months. Also like last semster there was about 70% norwegians attending the party, which really wasn't surprising at all...
I went over there around 8p.m and met up with Thomas, Tommy, Kim and several other old friends, and then chatted up a lot of new ones! I really enjoyed myself as there was a good crowd of nice people and everyone wanted a good time. There wasn't as much games and competitions happening as last year, and instead of beeing bussed to the GPO, the afterparty were held at the Port Office Hotel. It's not very far away, so most of us walked down there around midnight for more fun and good times :)

So to summarize I had a great time last night, and even woke up early this morning without feeling any after effects of the alcohol, and that is always a good thing. Especially since I needed to do a bit of studing today, and had to answer heaps of questions about diving as the theory part of my PADI course starts tomorrow morning at 08:30. Since I have to get up really early I'll be going to bed very soon. But first, I'm gonna watch the latest episode of Enterprise!

February 25, 2004

Another day on the sea

Brisbane Daily Life

sailing.jpgStaying home all the time gets boring after a while, so today me, Thomas and Emma took the train out to Manly to join in on the wednesday regatta they hold at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, which is the correct name for the yachtclub where I sailed with Benedicte in November.

It was a beautiful day to sail, despite some clouds in the morning we had plenty of sun and a good breeze most of the day. It was a relaxing sail without all the stress of rough weather, and there even was a short while where the wind died completely down so we lay all still. I don't know the results from the regatta, but I think we did quite well as we didn't get passed by very many other boats. No matter how we did I had a wonderful day, but I'm really tired from all the fresh-air, so I'll be going to bed early tonight...

February 24, 2004

Ready, set, dive!

Brisbane Daily Life

padi.gifAs I didn't really know about any diving-stores in the area, I called Rune and asked if he wanted to take me to one (lucky guy has got a car down here!). He agreed and took me and Are to ProDive so that we could accessorise before our diving-course starts this saturday. We both needed fins, mask, snorkel, a wetsuit and a weightbelt. The two latter is kind of expensive so we'll just rent those when we need to, but the rest we had to get. I even had a bit of luck as Rune was selling off his own equipment, so I got some state-of-the-art stuff for a really good price. Despite this it still turned out more costly than I had anticipated, setting me back about $400 AUD all in all. But that really doesn't matter if I get superior performance when I go underwater :-)

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Travelling the world

Website Updates

worldmap.jpgAs this site currently is mostly about my travels in Australia and elsewhere, I figured it would be suitable to provide you with a map of where else in the world I have travelled. The map can be found on the left-hand menu, along with the destinations I still dream of visiting and the challenges I have not yet fulfilled.

Is the map of a decent size and quality or should I make it bigger? Are the captions sufficient or should I try to make them more readable?
Does anyone really care? ;-)

February 23, 2004

Why iLove Apples

Stuff On the Web

Excellent article about the beauty that is Apples designer packaging!

February 16, 2004

Movies and Bunk

Brisbane Daily Life

bunk.gifLast thursday Are returned to Brissie, and since he don't have anywhere to stay he is crashing at my place until he can find something suitable. He has also signed up for the same PADI Open Water diving course as me, so that should be qute a bit of fun. The action starts the 28th!

There isn't really much to do these days, so we have been at the movies several times lately, seeing amongst others "Timeline", "Torque" and "Somethings Gotta Give". And when we returned home after the latter, we ended up watching "Swordfish" and "The Last Boyscout" on the telly. We're kindof addicted it seems :P
Not that any of the movies were really good either. Out of the new ones the only one deserving of mention at all is "Somethings Gotta Give", who had a few good one-liners. The rest of them was just plain medicore. I hope there will be an upswing in good movies sometime soon.. perhaps with the release of "Troy"?

Valentines Day wasn't anything special. Tommy joined us at the movies and later me and him went over to Bunk, a new backpackers bar just across the street. Cool place, but it wasn't very crowded so we moved on to some other bars around the Valley instead. So it was all more or less like a regular saturday night out.

But now I'm going to start reading in my diving-book, have to get through all of it before the course starts, and its all fun as well! :-D

February 13, 2004

New layout!

Website Updates

As of this moment the new layout is completed. It took about 20 hours all in all, but has now been applied to all the pages under All the archives has been rebuilt and checked for errors, so I just hope I didn't leave anything out :)

Enjoy the change!

Working on a new layout

Website Updates

The last couple of days I finally got around to designing a bit again. What you see here is more or less the layout my page will have the next couple of months. It is only applied to the index-page as of yet, so the rest of the pages look horrible for the time beeing. Also I haven't started on text fonts and coloring, so I will be tweaking and fiddling around with the page a bit during the days to come.

Please post any suggestions you may have as a comment! Also if anyone could tip me on how to get the corner-image to sit on top of the div-borders it would make me really happy!

Yes the picture in the logo has been retouched a little bit. I had to paste in a replacement head you see... This is actually the first time I have performed such an extensive retouch of a picture, so if any of you photoshop-wizards have any hints on how to improve it a little bit, I would really appreciate it!

February 10, 2004

Gjenoppdaget bloggere!

Stuff On the Web

Åj åj åj!
Jeg har lenge lurt på hvor det var blitt av folkene i Verdens Navle. Siden har kun gitt Forbidden i månedsvis uten at jeg fant noen forklaring på hvorfor. Ikke at jeg letet så mye heller, jeg håpet mest at den skulle dukke opp igjen av seg selv. Nå fant jeg da plutselig via Lexidh og Nettdagbok ut at den er lagt ned for godt grunnet udugelig webhostselskap, og at både Eirik og Veronica har kommet med hver sin blogg!

Uhm. Engelsk ja. Det glemte jeg visst... sorry you english guys. I forgot :P

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February 8, 2004

Unterresting days

Brisbane Daily Life

Nothing much have been happening lately. The days just pass while I plan out what to do. I hope I can squeeze in a week in Melbourne soon, but time is running out as I'm starting the PADI course for my diving license on the 28th. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get my divers medical, just pray it goes well. Also I need to send my drivers licence to the norwegian embassy to have it translated, which in turn enables me to get a learners license for motorbikes so I can sign up for a Q-ride course.

There was a big party on thursday as Stina had finished her last summer-exam, so they had a BBQ with heaps of people down at River Place, complete with a party in their apartment and then going out to the Valley afterwards.
Lots of fun :)

The only other things I've done lately is join Orkut, setting up a good profile and some communities there, and started to play Transport Tycoon again. Oh and I went to the movies with Thomas and Emma yesterday to see "Underworld". It was a really cool movie, but it could have been so much more with a better script. It was bad because it took too long to get into the story, and there was all these parts in between that made no sense at all. Also the head-chopping sequence at the end was too far-fetched even from the world-view presented in the movie, so that part get thumbs-down from me.

And now I'm thinking of going downtown to see another movie.. now if only Stina would return my call soon so I know if they will come or not...

February 2, 2004

It's raining

Brisbane Daily Life

Today it is dripping from the skies. Not much, just a slow drizzle, but its been going on for hours which is a bit unusual. Most nights we get a dreadful rainstorm, with tons and tons of water just pouring down, but then it tends to last just half-an-hour or so.
Last sunday I went out to sit in the spa during the worst rain, just because. I was annoyed that it had drenched me when I was on my way to Runy & Tommy's coctail party, so I just did it to feel good.
Then this sunday I was out in the spa, and in less than 3 minutes it went from partly-cloudy and sunny to the worst rainstorm ever. It was like someone had dropped the ocean on top of us, but after 15-20 minutes it all stopped, and before long the sun peeked through the clouds and everthing was beatiful again. Really strange this weather down here.

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